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Over time, shoes are no longer simply an element of walking Be an icon of show off. Therefore, companies like adidas There are many others who designed sneakers that made history.

We asked AI what the most popular sneaker of all time is.To this end, we consulted Chat GPT, OpenAI’s, and poet, Google’s.

Everyone gave us different answers. But we show them below.

For ChatGPT, sneakers Highlights of the story are:

Jordan XI. “Michael Jordan’s eleventh signature shoe was released in 1996 and remains one of the most popular Air Jordans of all time,” says ChatGPT. “The elegant patent leather design and combination of white and consonant colors make it an instant classic.”

Reebok Shaq offense. Shaquille O’Neal Exclusive, released in 1992. “Shaq Attack Featuring Reebok’s Pump technology, which allows players to customize the shoe’s fit. “

Adidas Scobe. Kobe Bryant’s signature was introduced in 1996 when he was just 18 years old. The “Adidas Scobe shoe,” the AI ​​noted, “has a sleek design and advanced technology that make it one of the best shoes of the decade.”

Reebok problem. “Introduced in 1996, Allen Iverson’s first signature shoe became an instant classic. The Reebok Question features a unique design and advanced technology that make it one of the best shoes of the decade.”

Nike Air Flight Huarache. Released in 1992, its unique design and advanced technology made it one of the most popular shoes of the decade.

then we leave you AI Google Bard Viewpoint All about the most popular sneakers.

Adidas superstar. They became popular in the 1970s, and their classic scallop or camel toe designs have made them urban chic icons.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. “The simplicity and comfort make it a timeless classic,” says Artificial Intelligence of the sneaker, which dates back to 1917.

Nike Air Force One. “Its sleek design and air-cushioned soles make them one of the best-selling shoes in the world,” Budd said.

Nike Air Jordan 1. The AI ​​not only highlights his style, but also his connection to NBA star Michael Jordan. “This is one of the slippers The most coveted in the world.

Vance Old Skool. The skates stand out for their classic style, with stripes on the side: “They’re a classic in pop culture.”

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