the alias he uses to check into hotels

July 22 at the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, Harry Styles drew the curtain on his Love on tour, 88 concerts that have accompanied him around the world since September 2021, consecrating him as a leading star on the global music scene. As you know, the artist loves Italy and has a passion for Tuscany, where he is at home and has been immortalized several times with his ex Olivia Wilde. daily mail showed curiosity about the former One Direction: the alias that Harry Styles uses to check into hotels.

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Harry Styles at Coachella 2022

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Beyoncé went by the name Ingrid Jackson for a while, Brad Pitt chose the unsuspecting Bryce Pilaf: even Harry Styles Uses This Anonymity Trick and avoid being harassed by fans and paparazzi under his hotel. “The choice of Harry Styles for his stay at the Caledonian, a five-star hotel in Edinburgh, made the staff burst out laughing,” writes the English tabloid.

Oliver Sudden is the alter ego of Harry Styles.. The name, which can be a play on words and consonance with the expression “suddenly”, which in English means “suddenly”. Daily indicates that this could also be a ploy to confuse fans, as Oliver Sudden is also the name of an obscure South London rapper. “We all laughed when we saw the name and it took us a while to figure out what it meant,” a hotel employee told the Times. Mail“Harry is so famous that he has to use a different name when he signs up or it’s going to be a real carnage for him as his fans follow him everywhere.” Side walks and cars with tinted windows (Mercedes S-Class) are par for the course for Styles, as he rose to fame with One Direction after his X Factor boom in the UK.

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Harry Styles and the former Olivia Wilde in London

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The 29-year-old actor stayed in a £3,000 suite at the Caledonian Hotel for two sold-out shows at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium as part of his program. Love on tour. During his Scottish days, Harry indulged in a round of golf with his manager at the iconic St. Andrews course, as evidenced by photos posted to their respective Instagram accounts. Who knows if he booked the lawn using Mr. Sudden’s name: it is certain that now that his secret is out, he will have to find another alias as soon as possible.

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