“The annoying ability to do everything very well”: remember how Zendaya praised Tom Holland; said she thought they would “keep calm…”

In 2021, Hollywood’s dynamic duo, Tom Holland and Zendaya took center stage on LADbible TV. Happening? Light-hearted debate on the internet’s most controversial topics. From the controversial pineapple pizza debate to the classic American Football vs. Football. A football argument, the couple shared their opinions and left us split and in awe of their chemistry.

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, this question really stood out. The hosts dropped the bombshell: “Is Tom Holland the best? Spider-Man?” Both stars, who seemed to be having a blast during the playful debate, initially responded in a manner that was as humorous as it was diplomatic. They repeated in unison: “I won’t have any problems.”

Heartfelt praise for Zendaya

However, what happened next left everyone in awe. When asked about the qualities that make Tom Holland an exceptional Spider-Man, Zendaya’s answer was simply touching.

Zendaya shared, “There are a lot of great things that make you Spider-Man, Tom. I think one of them is how you completely inhabit the role. It’s really special to see how much you enjoy being Spider-Man, how you embody the character, “especially when you put on that iconic costume. The way you interact with kids, your accent – it’s all really special. And his annoying ability to do Everything is fine”. Her genuine admiration not only gave fans a glimpse of the actor in the Spider-Man mask, but also showed off the camaraderie between the two stars.

A playful exchange and a rainy twist

As the debate continued, Zendaya tried to lighten the mood by saying, “He told me we were just going to keep it cool, and then it started raining.” Tom added, “It rained later,” chuckling playfully. Zendaya concluded: “I think we worked together, but that doesn’t matter.”

Returning to this funny interview, it becomes obvious that Tom Holland and Zendaya The off-screen chemistry is as interesting as their on-screen characters. Their playful exchanges and genuine camaraderie continue to endear them to fans around the world. While the world debates who is the best Spider-Man, one thing is for sure: their friendship and mutual respect is truly special.

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