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Menskin, on his album “Rush!” became increasingly popular after its release. He receives praise from international music guru David Massey

“Menskin is an excellent example that dozens of artists should follow, in a world that is constantly changing, evolution is the only key to achieving success …”

An important sentence that belongs to the Roman band and one of the leading figures in the world of music and artistic publishing and distribution.

about this david masseydirector of Arista Records, one of the key figures in Sonyrecalled to lead the major giant in 2018 by Island Records Where he did a lot of work on so-called global projects…

evolving music

to guess who he is macy Perhaps it is worth giving an example. Macy’s stands as the record industry Elon Musk It depends on the automotive. He is a revolutionary, one of the first people to truly understand that with the advent of digital and streaming, music will never be the same. It was he who encouraged the cast to leave ‘comfort zone’ records and tours to focus on more transversal and alternative products. And me maneskin He was one of his great intuitions.

Discovery of Maneskins

under contract and followed closely, I maneskin They have received a significant boost from a promotion and marketing perspective from a company that is decidedly rich and that does not want them for anything. But without the content of the band, there probably wouldn’t have been any promotion. And now Sony will be missing out on one of its most sensational commercial successes of the past twenty years.

in a long interview david massey underlines the great quality of maneskin, “In an extraordinary list that spans the Killers and Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi and Elton John, these guys really had something new and special, something new. We hit it off and we weren’t wrong. Besides, Manskin performing We, as producers, have a duty to look for more such talents at 360 degrees. And they are.”

David Massey, Music Distribution Guru, CEO of Arista Records – Credit Arista (VelvetMusic)

career full of talents

macy Worked with all the greats. from the beginning with Barry Manilowto explode Whitney Houstonfor the relaunch of Patti Smith, then really focusing on something different. Together Oasis Or shakira, how are they different maneskin, “They are true artists, with a distinctive and very personal vision. They are not anything pre-built, they are not unique pieces that only one can do. They are kaleidoscopes. In this, Arista is doing the right thing. and building an important foundation for the future with talented artists who know how to embrace the times we live in.”

david massey He really is an amazing character. His first major success came in the 80s wang chung, He was twenty, and he ran it as a producer and manager. His greatest discoveries include Oasis, the Jonas Brothers, Avicii and now Manskin, now directed towards Seven Billion Streams.

Advice for Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas? “Go with the flow, evolve, embrace change, you must never be afraid to accept the challenge of knowing how to renew yourself”.

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