the best chances we had in the second half

From night to night: the best moments we had in the second half of the year

Adrian Uribe, by invitation, gave us laughter and emotional moments.

Artist: Javier Garcia

Very soon the new night time will end, but without light!

Even the second time of the program De Noce Pero Sin Sueñounder the leadership of a charismatic Adrian Uribe, we continued until the end, we were left with the promise of more laughter and emotion in the future. And this moment has arrived, with the end of the new time from September 30 to 23:00 for Las Strellas.

The show captivated audiences with its perfect blend of comedy, entertainment and entertaining moments, cementing its presence in the nightlife scene. Las Estrellas.

From night to night: the best moments we had in the second half of the year

One of the most remarkable aspects of this time has been the impressive list of special guests who have joined us. Adrian Uribe This is in night show.

National and international celebrities like Ana Claudia Talancon, Carlos Rivera th Prince Roycethey shared unique stories and experiences, creating unforgettable moments that kept viewers glued to their windows.

Carlos Rivera reveals what song it was from his first wedding to Cynthia Rodriguez

During your visit to the program, Juanpa ZuritaA recognized social media influencer and content creator, he shared the positive impact of digital platforms on people’s lives.

Juanpa Zurita told how his mother quit smoking thanks to TikTok

In a surprising revelation, I shared how TIK Tak he turned himself into a powerful herb to help his mother quit smoking.

Second time De Noce Pero Sin Sueño he was also a witness to the moment in question Adrian Uribe He demonstrated his undeniable talent by winning the title of best conductor in a skill that required him to pay two pesos for conducting: Omar Chaparro th Adal Ramones.

Adrian Uribe named Omar Chaparro and Adal Ramones the best conductors

Kimberly Loaiza th JD Pantojatwo of the most powerful people in the world social rules and the music in it Mexicothey shared the story of how their love began as teenagers.

Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja begin their love story as teenagers

Second time De Noce Pero Sin Sueño It was a thrilling and entertaining ride that kept viewers uplifted night after night, promising more laughter and excitement in the future. You can’t let a new night time pass without seeing it. Saturday, September 30th at 11:00 pm for Stars..

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