The Best Fillers for Over 40s, Even the One Gwyneth Paltrow Uses

You know what you’re touching Gwyneth Paltrow it turns gold, you see all the products, sometimes unlikely to say the least, being promoted on it. Goop, which was destined to become fashionable after his positive comment. The star, who is almost fifty-one years old and whose birthday falls on September 28, insists that nothing gives the face refreshing effect such as Xeomin injection treatment.

Gwyneth Paltrow in favor of retouching

“I’ve never been a fan of fillers,” Gwyneth Paltrow told the magazine. New beauty. “But just before my 40th birthday, I had classic midlife crisisI didn’t love myself anymore, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, My face seemed to be forever tired” And that’s when Paltrow approached the world of injectables, letting her longtime friend talk her into it. Julius Few, one of Chicago’s most respected plastic smooth out wrinkles with Xeomin product. “The result? Just fantastic,” is his comment.

What did Gwyneth Paltrow inject?

As he explains Riccardo Midolo, esthetician at Laboratory 42 Milan“The Xeomin product that Dr. Few chose for Gwyneth Paltrow is nothing less than the well-known botulinum toxin type Athat is, injectable for medical and aesthetic purposes. If in Italy you can use three (hyper-tested and safe) types of botulinum, produced by the same number of pharmaceutical companies, then in the USA the choice is between two: Botox from Allergan and Xeomin from Merz.” What is the difference? “Basically we are talking about the preservation method, but both give wonderful relaxing effect upper face, causing paralysis facial musclesdue to which facial wrinkles (between the eyebrows, foreheads, crow’s feet) disappear for about 5-6 months.”

Ritochkini: what to choose and why

The cold season – autumn and winter – is generally the most suitable for investing in real estate. Anti-aging aesthetic medicine protocols. If, as happened with Gwyneth Paltrow, you too are at the point where you would like improve the appearance of your face, here are expert tips for choosing the right acne treatment. In accordance with Andrea De Santis, esthetician with a studio in Milan, “for a female audience” Millennialsfighting the first wrinkles that worsen in the area around the eyes and forehead from long periods of time at the computer, yes, baby botox. It’s still a targeted botulinum toxin injection, but in smaller quantities than standard dosages, from a rejuvenation point of view.” Second Carlo Borriello, esthetician specializing in maxillofacial surgerywith studios in Milan and Lucca, “if the skin of the face and neck loses its firmness and tone, the most suitable protocol would be Ultherapy. Taking advantage Ultrasoundacts at a depth previously accessible only by surgery, skin regeneration. The great thing is that the lifting effect is as natural as it is long lasting.” When the problem has nothing to do withexcess sebum and skin shine, Katerina Bistro, esthetician at the Institute of Image in Milan recommends “a monthly facial with electric peeling plus ozone, which is associated with the use of a vitamin complex delivered under the skin with very thin needles. Thus, the skin is perfectly moisturized, suppressing the hyperproduction of sebum. Alternatively, one session per month with Laser Genesis: This non-abrasive laser targets skin texture, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and, above all, reducing visibility of pores

Stories of stars and retouching

Just ten years ago it was considered almost obscene to admit that one has succumbed to aesthetic medicine, but today more and more stars are talking openly about retouching what they chose (sometimes bitterly regretting it, sometimes showing enthusiasm). You can find them in our gallery along with a selection super anti-aging cosmetics. Even a beauty routine helps.

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