the case breaks out due to inappropriate behavior

The bomb exploded silently when it made the most noise. It exploded into motionless bowls, given that Today’s show is currently on hiatus due to the actors’ and writers’ strike. In the eye of the storm he, the master of the house, Jimmy Fallonabout which the real case is now being played out.

It all started with a Rolling Stone magazine article/investigation reporting on some inappropriate behavior from the American owner. Charges are being brought against 16 people, 14 former employees and 2 members of its current staff.

Jimmy Fallon Case: Charges

A Rolling Stone investigation has revealed the atmosphere of toxicity and negativity that permeates The Tonight Show, a typical late-stage American television culture where laughs are usually found at home. But no. According to what his employees anonymously reported, Fallon will create an intolerable work environment.

The report cites several incidents in which Fallon’s mood may have affected the backstage environment, and the host he was supposed to scolded and belittled team memberseven sending them personal insults in notes and reviews.

Depression, suicidal instincts and “crying rooms”

Witnesses interviewed say they heard in constant fear» and in chaotic work environmentAmong the collaborators who decided to speak out were those who stated that “Fallon showed up to filming drunk.».

Seven former employees said their landlord had a negative impact on their mental health, reporting disturbing nightmares, increased anxiety and weight loss.. Three employees even admitted that they had contemplated suicide..

“Mentally I was at the lowest point in my life. I didn’t want to live anymore. I thought about committing suicide.”we read in an article conveying the words of a former employee. “Deep down I knew I would never do this, but in my head I thought:Why do I think about this all the time?»»

The article also talks about crying roomsa term used to refer to the empty backstage dressing rooms where staff would go to cry after Fallon’s outbursts.

Not only Jimmy Fallon: accusations also against the producer

In addition to Jimmy Fallon’s inappropriate behavior, witnesses also explained the situation frequent changes of production team, which has changed showrunners almost every year since 2014. In fact, the charges were also dropped. Jamie Granet-Bedermanshowrunner of the Tonight Show from 2020 to 2022, accused of mistreating and taunting staff backstage.

Those who broke their silence (and former) employees hinted that Fallon’s bad temper would be well known around. However, his position as the face of the program would make “protest” difficult. In fact, two members of his current team also decided don’t reveal your name.

An NBC spokesperson contacted Rolling Stone directly. defend today’s show, listing the names of some staff members who would like to speak positively about the show. However, the article notes that contact details of the individuals in question were not provided and that, despite direct contact with them, no positive comments were found from any of them.

owner’s apologies

ComicBook reports that on Thursday, following the publication of an article in Rolling Stone magazine. Jimmy Fallon would host a meeting with his employees. The conductor would admit his mistakes, apology with your team.

“Sorry if I confused you”” Fallon reportedly said during the call. “I never intended to create that kind of atmosphere for the show. I know I’m working with the best of the best and that you guys are the best players in this game. I want this show to be fun, it needs to be inclusive for everyone, it needs to be fun, it needs to be the best show with the best people. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you guys

The last sentence is obviously a reference to the fact that The Tonight Show is currently on hiatus respect the writers’ strike.

This won’t be an isolated incident in the world of Late Night.

Allegations of toxic behavior against Jimmy Fallon are just the latest in what unfortunately appears to be the case. widespread paradigm in the talk show world of Stars and Stripes.

In 2020, similar charges were brought againstThe Ellen DeGeneres Show. Even so, some former employees reported bullying and hazing in the workplace, as well as nepotism in hiring practices and widespread feelings of racial hatred behind the scenes. The show was then canceled in 2022, also due to the host’s damaged image.

It didn’t get any better James Cordenwhom television director Craig Duncan described in 2017 as “the most difficult and nasty presenter I have ever worked with” Corden has also been criticized for never publicly naming his collaborators and accused of stealing jokes from other colleagues. Also in this case, as with Ellen DeGeneres, her show went off the air shortly after the case blew up, although it is unclear whether this decision was related to this news or simply the program’s low profitability.

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