The Colombian fashion film was nominated at festivals in Germany and the UK.

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Film about fashion EquilibriumThe production of the Colombian brand Punto Blanco is included in the official selection of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.They were also nominated in the Best Fashion Film category along with Dior, Jacquemus, Gucci and Versace. This is also what it looks like received a nomination for the UK Fashion Film Festival awards in the UK.

Through modern dance tells the story of the forces that attract you. Two characters experiencing life’s joys and different emotions. Forces that come together to form a balance. It is also akin to yin and yang, or guino.

One of the main characters of this production, caught in Nuki and lasting three minutes, is Colombian bailiff Juan Miguel Posada was born in Medellin and lived for 15 years in Los Angeles, USA. He was also responsible for staging the choreography. During his career, he has worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Kali Uchis, Kanye West and Sam Smith.

“For this choreography, after explaining the concept and what it means to us, the circle or cycle was something very important, throughout the choreography there are a lot of circular movements that I want to imagine or tell for myself what it means to be ready to get into a cycle either the cycle of life or the cycle of different stages of our lives,” Posada said.

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The other dancer is current Shauna Davis, who has danced for Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg and Harry Styles.. He started dancing when he was three years old. This was the first time I visited Colombia. “I was very happy to be able to combine what I love, dancing and traveling.”

Here you can see it andAshion film Equilibrium:

For both Juan Miguel and Shauna, freedom of movement allows them to fully express themselves without being compromised.. Learning as a form of liberation through physical expression. Let’s experience feelings through dance. A method of connecting the body to the ground.

This audiovisual project required three months of preparation, four days of production on the beaches of the Colombian Pacific Ocean and two and a half months of production. The recording involved 18 people, a technical team that was responsible for conveying emotional scenes in film format.

One of the elements that stands out in this product is the color temperature, so the rod is activated at the extreme hours. Either in the morning starting at 6:00 am or late after 4:00 pm to lower the required temperatures. Atardeser plays a key role in the film because everything ends with an aha: this is the last part, the end of this connection. The tome of the atardeser was filmed at different times and from different angles.

The assembly process also included the latest generation of 3D effects and the soundtrack is supported by Camilo Posada, a composer and producer with over twenty years of experience. in creating musical works for documentaries, short films and various advertising productions. For balance, the musician combines a set of songs, an instrumental ensemble reminiscent of classical camera music, and a sound that emphasizes the traditional and organic nature of the fashion film.

“We are working on the theme of balance, awareness, comfort, convenience, care and concern for the interior, and this lifestyle is what we bring to the fashion film and the space that will also reveal it, so We celebrate natural, pristine and wild nature, just like the beaches of Nuca, which essentially show us the majesty of nature.“, said Maria Teresa Mesa, editorial coordinator at Grupo Crystal.

Yes that’s it The fashion film format is the hijou film, which is commonly used by fashion brands. They last more than 60 seconds or less than 15 minutes and consist of narrative stories that they remember through brand identity and languages. These are not campaign videos, because there is no product being sold, these are more beautiful stories from the life of companies.

In the case of the Colombian audiovisual work, you can also see some takes that are currently part of the line. from Punto Blanco (become more timeless). In the set you can buy through the official page: shirts, shirts, trousers, blazers, jeans and button-down shirts.

For the first time, products of this type, created by a Colombian company, are included in the official selection of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. and you were also nominated in one of the categories. “This represents recognition from the international fashion community, with this work we reach a much higher level in audiovisual terms,” Mesa said.

In the coming days Balance It will be shown in the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Medellin, and in November it will join the main cinemas in the country.

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