The company releases a swimsuit inspired by the Barbie movie, dive into the trend of 2023!

The Barbie movie, starring the fantastic Margot Robbie, has been a sensation since its release in 2023.

Always on trend, Primark seized the opportunity to release a swimsuit inspired by this cinematic success. So, let’s dive into the details of this new chic novelty!

Primark: master of trends!

For several months now, pink, the iconic symbol of Barbie, has regained its place on the catwalk thanks to the film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The Barbie phenomenon has taken over major chain stores such as H&M, Kiabi and, of course, Primark.

Enthusiasm around the famous Mattel doll is fueled by a competent marketing campaign. Links to the movie are multiplying and Primark, a true trend explorer, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get in on the Barbie fever.

Other stores such as Kiabi have also joined the Barbie trend with a variety of collections, including the men’s Ken shirt. Feature film inspired big ideas in the fashion world!

The Primark capsule collection dedicated to Barbie is a great success. The Irish firm has created many movie-inspired outfits, but one in particular stands out: the famous bathing suit. Let’s dive into this article that caused so much hype!

Swimsuit true to the movie!

The appearance of collections inspired by Barbie has become commonplace. However, Primark decided to stand out by offering clothes that can be seen directly in the film.

Remember the roller skating scene where Margot Robbie was wearing a colorful swimsuit? This outfit is part of the Primark collection, enriched and varied with hats, slippers and even a pink dress reminiscent of the famous doll. There are also more classic outfits, such as an oversized black t-shirt contrasting with the dominant pink.

Primark has really managed to bring the movie universe to life by allowing everyone to embrace the Barbie style. So, are you ready to go to the Irish company for a makeover?

Primark: the Barbie trend at an affordable price!

Primark spoils Barbie fans with a new collection. The film continues to be talked about and the number of fans continues to grow. Walking in Barbie style has never been so comfortable!

The iconic swimsuit, similar to the one worn by Primark’s Margot Robbie, costs just 16 euros. This trend is ready to conquer the summer and soon you will see girls in this colorful swimsuit on the beach!

Primark once again proves its ability to follow trends, drawing inspiration from the Barbie movie to create captivating pieces. Whether you’re a movie buff or just looking for a chic swimsuit, the Primark collection will satisfy your pink cravings. And with prices so affordable, why not add some Barbie to your summer wardrobe? The Primark swimsuit inspired by the Barbie movie is waiting for you!

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