The curtain rises on Ferrante’s 2023 season

intelligent manufacturingViterbo – Four national premieres, four extraordinary concerts, two classics of Greek drama, twenty one appointments: this is the program for the Ferrante Teatro Festival 2023, now in its 58th edition. Under the artistic direction of Patrizia Natale by the Consorzio Teatro Tuscia, with the patronage and support of the Municipality of Viterbo, the Carivit Foundation, Uniindustria, Anse and the Touring Club of Viterbo, it will take place in a charming setting, according to tradition. The Roman Theater of Ferrento with seven shows, which, however, will be held in the area of ​​the ancient baths, thanks to the support of the Archaeotuccia Association, preceded by a visit to the entire archaeological area.

The season begins with music: Friday 14 July At 21.15 the concert of the recently founded “Ars Nova” youth orchestra of Viterbo in the ancient Roman theater is scheduled and consists of 50 musicians, who have already achieved success in various performances.

next day, Saturday 15 July (always in the theater at 21.15) at the first National Opera
The extravaganza will perform “Otton, an Emperor’s Destiny” recounting the story of a character whose family was from Ferrento, one of the four emperors who, after Nero’s death in 69 AD, who in short succeeded each other. period of a few months.

First placement in the national premiere in the Antiche Terme area Monday 17 July (7:30 p.m.) with “The Storm” starring Sebastiano Tringali and the MDA Ensemble, directed and choreographed by Aurelio Gatti. A “storm” of emotion engulfs the audience, symbolically taking them aboard the ocean, plunged into darkness at the mercy of the waves, where moments become eternity. another national premiere Tuesday 18 July (Roman Theater at 21.15) Pino Quartulo and Francesca Reggiani will be the interpreters of “The True Story of Ulysses and Penelope”, a stunning text taken from the novel “Ithaca Forever” by Luigi Malerba.

a modern classic will hit the stage Thursday 20 July (Roman Theatre, 9.15 p.m.). This is the text of Bertold Brecht’s “Punitla and his Servant Matti” with Massimo Venturiello and Biagio Musella. The hero of the comedy, defined by the same author as popular, is the wealthy owner Puntila,
with double standards. Under the influence of alcohol he becomes overly prudent, generous, when he is forthright, instead of revealing his true face, treating his employees from top to bottom, becomes despotic.

The national premiere of the Greek drama classic is eagerly awaited Friday 21 July (Roman Theater at 21.15) Euripides’ “Icuba” with Paola Quattrini adapted and directed by Livio Gallaci. The tragedy of Hecuba, her inconsolable suffering for the loss of her loved ones, her homeland, her dignity, is not confined to some distant myth, but unfortunately echoes of carefree contemporary times.

in the ancient bath area Sunday 23 July, at 7.30 p.m. Commemoration of a singular character “Vicino Orsini, a dream park” whose 500th birth anniversary is being celebrated this year. Journalist and essayist Giuseppe Recifina will reconstruct his portrait through a biography written by Argentine Manuel Mujica Lénez. The musical interlude is entrusted to the magnificent voice of Noemi Nori, one of the most brilliant interpreters of the South American motif, accompanied by the composer Massimo Lattanzi.

The spectacular return of one of the best Italian interpreters, Anna Mazzamauro, to Ferrante. Monday 24 July (Roman Theater at 21.15) The actress will be the heroine of “How humane she is, dear Fantozzi”, a monologue through which she reminds the public of the great genius of Italian comedy. “If suddenly I close the eyes of my memory because of nostalgia – says Mazamauro – I find myself, like a mirror tarnished by time, before the bewitching eyes of the accountant Ugo Fantozzi”.

Tuesday 25 July At 7.30 pm in the Antiche Terme area the “Three Truths of Cesira” will be staged, interpreted by Rino Di Martino and directed by Antonello De Rosa. It is a piece in which Cesira, a famous lemonade seller in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, is interviewed by a cameraman, to whom she tells three different versions of a story.

next day, Wednesday 26 July (Roman Theatre, 9.15) Now it will be the turn of the well-known Paolo Rossi, who will stage “Stand up omero”, accompanied by the guitar of Emanuele Dell’Aquila, project and direction by Sergio Maffredi. The actor reads the Odyssey and adds his personal thoughts to Homer’s words, in a vision of a world capable of connecting past and present.

Friday 28 July In the Antiche Terme area (at 7.30 pm) it will be Massimo Verdastro’s turn to perform “L’angeli ribelli”, a text taken from Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli’s “Bible Sonnets” to Trilussa’s poem, with the participation of Giovanni Canale on percussion. These are sharp, indignant and very human words of two great Italian poets and writers, who at different historical times raised the Roman dialect, or rather the “Roman dialect”, to poetic heights that it has never reached again.

also in the ancient bath area Monday 31 July (at 7.30 pm) “The Bathroom” will be staged with Francesca Farcomeni and Francesco Zeca. This is the third picture in a larger project called “Alone We Are Not Bad” from the plays and stories of Tiziana Tomasulo. The characters in “You Aren’t Bad Alone” are poor people who are incapable of love. They would like to do this, they need to do this, but at the same time, they are afraid to meet the other.

on the bill Wednesday 2 August, At 21.15, the concert of the legend Pink Floyd “The Dark Side of the Moon” in the amazing setting of the ancient Roman theater. 50th Anniversary”. Following the success five years earlier, Pink Floyd legends return to Ferrante to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. The two-hour concert features a full performance of the 1973 masterpiece. In addition, Legend will also play all of the English band’s greatest hits, as well as original vintage videos projected onto large circular screens and immersed in new lighting and laser designs.

Stefano Masini and Luca Barbarossa Thursday 4 August (Roman Theater, 21.15) will be the interpreter of “the truth, please, about love”. As in the poem by Wiston Hugh Auden that gives the show its title, so they attempt to investigate what love is all about. Beyond the clichés. Beyond sentimental tutorials, beyond pre-packaged romance jugs and endless love stories.

A memory of Ferrante, the ancient city that was defined as a “civitas splendid” in the Roman imperial era, will be erected 850 meters after its destruction by journalist and essayist Giuseppe Recifina on Sunday 6 August (Antiche Terme area, 7.30 p.m. ) Cooperation of the group “Competition”
In period costume. The event will be attended by Francesco Mattioli, former Full Professor of Sociology at La Sapienza University of Rome and author of the recently published book “Stori ferentesi vere e inventate”.

Another masterpiece of ancient Greek drama to be staged monday 7 august (Roman Theatre, 9.15 p.m.): Sophocles’ Antigone, interpreted by Alessandro Haber and Elena Ferrantini, directed by Fausto Costantini. The story of the great hero of Greek tragedy is presented in the form of a narrative/musical piece, starring composers Sasa Flauto and Fabrizio Romano. Antigone, even today, offers one of the greatest narrative examples of the dialectical contradiction between the individual and the collective.

Tuesday 8 August (Roman Theater at 21.15) In “Sinatra, the Man and His Music” will be the turn of Gianluca Guidi. Guidi with The Jazz Trio embarks on a surreal journey/tribute in honor of the great American artist. This story in prose and music will contain anecdotes about the life of the great Frank: from his relationship with the Kennedy family to painful love affairs, curiosities and the inevitable (in this case a cameo) “virtual” presence in the stories, Gianluca’s father. , Johnny Dorelli’s.

Appointment with the classic Verismo lesson on Wednesday 9 August (Antiche Terme area at 7.30 pm). Sebastiano Tringali and the MDA Ensemble will be the interpreters of Giovanni Varga’s “La Lupa” with choreography by Carlotta Bruni. Logic and religion are great allies and great absentees from Lupa’s horizon. A story that is interesting because it talks about freedom, but also disorienting because of such an extreme anthropological situation, which leads us to question the power and impotence of social schemes and conventions.

Thursday 10 August (Roman Theater at 21.15) Francesco Paolantoni and Stefano Saracinelli on stage “Ancora?” In. After an extended period as solo artists, the duo is back with innovative reinterpretations of their comic performances. Situations and characters that have by now become veritable cult figures to the public will be seen on stage again, accompanied by a band of two eclectic and unusual musicians, who will turn the pages of the show’s various paintings.

first reggiani Friday 11 August (Roman Theater at 21.15) will highlight “Caravaggio, il Maledato”, a great innovator of the arts, adapted and directed by Ferdinando Ceriani, taken from “Caravaggio, probably” by Franco Mole. In just over an hour of the show, Caravaggio, now dying, stricken with a fever, speaks, narrates, recounts fragments of his extraordinary existence. He hears voices, glimpses the violent and dissolute Rome in which he has established himself.

The season of the Ferrante Teatro Festival will come to an end Wednesday 23 August In the Ancient Roman Theater (9.15 p.m.) with the Magic Film Orchestra’s concert: “The Magical Music of Harry Potter”. A spectacular show with live performances of the most famous songs and musical pieces from the Harry Potter universe. A choir, a symphony orchestra and a few soloists will present to the audience a rich performance taken from the film soundtrack. The music was signed by four-time Oscar winner John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicolas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat, the protagonists of the event.

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