The day he offered Anne Hathaway a hamburger to keep her from losing weight in the movie “Evil Eye on Prada”

For many, Meryl Streep is the best living actress in the world. On a broad trajectory and a historic list of Oscar nominations, they support it. This year, at the time of writing these lines, the performer enters Oviedo with the theme of the Princess of Asturias Award. In the next few days, Streep will perform at a gala in the capital of Asturias, walking through its streets and visiting the many compromises that are on her agenda.

Taking a look at the various wonderful moments that the actress has given us in recent years, not so much on air but in her interviews and TV moments, let’s take a look at the next step. Viewthe current ABC program that Streep watched with Anne Hathaway to introduce one of her most recorded films today: “El Diablo Viste de Prada”anniversary of 2004, when we appeared on the editorial pages of a fashion magazine in New York.

As everyone who has seen this film knows, one of the short topics covered in the belt should be addressed through the image and physical aspect.. At the beginning of the story, Andy (Hathaway) is tied up Runways Don’t have a clue about all the things you need to change your appearance to stand out.

Speaking on this matter, during the conversation, the aesthetic requirements that were placed on the main actress Hathaway during the casting came up.

“We know that before watching the film you told Anne… (advice) Do you realize what you said?” asked Barbara Walters, one of the interviewers.

“Oh yeah…” Streep said. “Dije: “No weight.” If you say it because everyone else is saying it… Are you aware of it?“I asked your interlocutor. “Come to my house, you were so beautiful…

At the same time, Hathaway said between laughs: “Yes, you told me I ate a hamburger.

Yes, everyone says: “Okay… I also want to lose a little weight…”Streep concluded, “I hate this industry.”

devil's eyes on Prada,

El Diablo Vistas de Prada

“Do you think they will lose weight?” They asked Meryl. “Not if atreverian” She said as they received lots of applause and laughter.

Afterwards, Anne Hathaway explained that the situation is a little more complete. “At first I noticed that I had gained weight,“He explained. “She weighed less for the surgery than before. From that moment on, I lost a little over 4 kilograms.”

I was in the dressing room and nothing penetrated me, so you might want to lose those pounds. Yes, I have so many tears,” he concluded.

Meryl Streep Devil looks at Prada

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