The debate between life and death for priests in the parish of San Antonio de la Sanas – Zócalo Newspaper

Saltillo, Koch- Father Octaviano Martínez, former seminary educator and current priest of the parish of San Antonio de la Sanasarguing about life and death in the hospital, Victim of severe pneumonia, parish groups are praying for him.

The elder has been hospitalized for two weeks, and he has shown severe symptoms of pneumonia, which has become more complicated, so that, One of his lungs stopped working and he had to be intubated.

According to church sources, This week they are increasing the use of ventilators to 70% and doctors plan to treat them with steroids and antibiotics over the weekendwaiting for some response from the lungs, and even, if there is no response on Monday, they may do a tracheostomy because the doctor thinks it will be difficult.

Due to possible cardiovascular complications, Experts caring for him say they are doing everything they can However, to keep him alive, they clarified that everything is in God’s hands for now.

that’s why, The various parishes of the San Antonio de la Sanas community and parish, start a prayer chain for the parish priest and the doctor who treated him.

Octaviano Martínez was born in a small town in the Sierra de Arteaga, A priest, he was a tutor at the Saltillo Seminary in the the time vicar of San Patricio and is currently vicar of the aforementioned Eguido de Arteaga.

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