The Department of Nursing is involved in the large operation of the Belgrano Complex – Tucuman Public Health Department

This was carried out within the framework of an event organized by the Ministry of Public Health under the leadership of Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, with the aim of issuing unique disability certificates at the Belgrano complex.

To this, the nurse Mathias MeeraThe doctor belonging to the Department of Nursing commented: “Due to the political decision of our minister, the doctor, we are accompanying this major surgery organized here Luis Medina Ruiz, where a unique disability certificate is being delivered. We design games to train dexterity, fine and gross motor skills, as well as the cognitive components related to coordination.

He added: “We also have vaccinations, we are completing the new crown vaccine program, flu vaccine and calendar vaccine. At the same time we control cardiovascular risk by controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.

Along the way, nurses say, they also raise awareness by showing videos that inform family members or caregivers of disabled patients about basic activities that must be done or considered.

Returning to the issue of vaccinations, the professional emphasized that they were being vaccinated against pneumonia, Preventar 13, Neumo 23, flu and Covid; during the procedure they had successfully administered over 300 doses.

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