The difference between the common cold and the flu

Dr. Lorenzo Castañeda Pacheco, former director of Veracruz Regional Superior Specialty Hospital and former director of Tarimoya Hospital, commented that the common cold is a very common viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.

In an interview with XEU Noticias, doctors explained that when a person starts to suffer from the common cold, it can happen at any time of the year, usually during sudden changes in temperature.

“A lot of times we sweat and get into a car or shopping mall environment and we get the common cold. We might get a sore throat, fever, chills or sore eyes.”

On the other hand, he believes that when a person has the flu, different illnesses such as the flu can occur.

“In the case of influenza, it starts with a flu-like illness because a lot of times it gets complicated when we don’t know for sure what the flu is.”

He declared that treatment of influenza must include antiviral drugs and, above all, rest, in addition to taking in plenty of fluids.

Finally, he said that when the disease is viral, most of the time the fever is high and difficult to control.

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