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visa The new system, which is expected to simplify the application process and provide faster and more effective responses to applicants, has similarities with the system in place in the USA. There will be a platform at the heart of the new system and all applications will be submitted through this platform, regardless of the Schengen country that will be visited.

Applications To the site

The documents and data required to obtain the visa can be uploaded on the website as the European Union will soon start preparing the infrastructure, and the application fee can be paid there. You can find out whether your application has been accepted or not on the relevant website. In the new system, visas will be issued in digital format, in the form of a cryptographically signed two-dimensional barcode.

New system in 2025 You will be active

Everyone will be able to complete their transactions online, except for those who will be traveling to Schengen countries for the first time, those whose biometric data is no longer valid, and holders of new passports. The new system, whose infrastructure works are expected to begin next year, is expected to enter into force, and applications will begin to be accepted in the second half of 2025. The EU also envisaged a five-year transition period for the inclusion of all Schengen countries in the system. Although the EU has made changes to the visa regime, it has not made any changes to the documents required for application and review rules at this stage.

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