The duel between Ronaldo and Messi established his status as the absolute leader of the national team

Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of international football in the history of world football. His number of goals has exceeded 100.FIFA’s latest update proves it CR7 added 201 games in a Portugal jersey Since making his debut on August 20, 2003 against Kazakhstan.

Considering Cristiano’s situation, this number will obviously continue to increase. Starting from the new competition window of the upcoming European Cup in Germany, The team plays against Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, there is currently only one threat facing the Portuguese. This is Leo Messi, currently playing for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer.

Because all the players in the middle have retired or are not playing with the team. Five games is how close Ronaldo is to his closest following. This is Kuwaiti Badr Almotawa, who has played 196 games. As far as he is concerned, his last meeting was on June 14, 2022, after the Asian Cup, and he will no longer be able to catch up with the Portuguese. The same happened to Soh Chin Ann, who retired in 1984 after 195 appearances. Fourth-ranked Egyptian Ahmed Hassan has played 184 games for the national team but will also retire in 2022. The fifth place on the podium is a player from Oman. Ahmed Mubarak played for the national team for 183 years until his retirement in 2019.

Sergio Ramos, the first player on the list

In sixth place is the first Spaniard. This is Sergio RamosPlayed 180 games in a Spanish jersey. He has not put on a Spanish jersey since the match against Kosovo on March 31, 2021, and his brutal growth has slowed down. It has been more than two and a half months now.

Although he has not retired yet, the fact is that even Luis Enrique’s final phase as Luis de la Fuente is now no longer expected from the Sevilla man. Mexican Betis player Andrés Guardado is just one game behind Sergio Ramos, having played 179 games. But he couldn’t surpass him because he announced his farewell to the national team in May this year.

Leo Messi, the only player to continue attending

If we track the list, we see that Al Dejea and Claudio Suarez, the next players on the list, have also retired. The same thing happens with the tenth in the category, The historic Gianluigi Buffon, who played his final game for the Azzurri Against Argentina on March 23, 2018. Which brings us to the next Argentine on the list, Leo Messi. The former Azulgrana striker has made 176 appearances since his debut against Hungary on August 17, 2005, with his last game coming against Ecuador on September 7. They now have two World Cup qualifiers ahead of them, with Whites facing Paraguay this Friday and Peru next Wednesday.

Taylor Swift rails against Messi effect: Americans continue to watch 'their' footballTaylor Swift rails against Messi effect: Americans continue to watch 'their' football

Now We’ll see how long both players are willing to stick around. The Portuguese is 38 years old and plays in the Saudi Arabian League. According to recent news, Ronaldo’s goal is to participate in the 2026 World Cup and retire in 2027. He will play his first game in Portugal against Slovakia tomorrow and Bosnia and Herzegovina next Monday. For his part, Leo Messi, who is two years younger, has been playing in Major League Soccer since August. Knowing the Argentine and his ambition, he has the ability to hold on until he gets past the Portuguese player.

Morata becomes first Spaniard to reach centenarian age

Then there is Spanish football, Álvaro Morata is the first Spanish player to be tipped to become a member of this select club centenarian. Because the Spanish forward has now represented the national team 66 times since his debut on November 15, 2014, and has scored a total of 33 goals so far. With games coming up tonight against Scotland and next Sunday’s visit to Norway, some of the numbers (starting with the international break) are likely to increase over the two games.

Navas can play 50 games

Next on the list of teams currently closest to their centennial anniversary is Jesus Navas. The Sevilla player returns from playing in the Nations League and has already represented the national team 48 times. If Utrellano ends up playing against Scotland and Norway, his international caps could reach 50. The next player on this young team approaching his century is a veteran like Carvajal, although he appears to have only made 38 appearances for the team.

Thirteen Spanish footballers have now surpassed this century-old figure. And only one of them can continue to be added. This is Sergio Ramos who currently has 180. The remaining players have retired. Judging from the data of 100 games, they are: Carlos Puyol (100 games), Raul (102 games), Gerard Pique (102 games), Fernando Torres (110 games), France Bregas (110 games), Xavi Alonso (114 games), David Silva (125), Zubizarreta (126), Andres Iniesta (131), Xavi Hernandez (133), Sergio Busquets (143), Iker Casillas (167) and the aforementioned Sergio Ramos.

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