The duo of Kim and Holly after their children’s heart transplants

During the last episode America’s Got Talent, Holly AND Kim (we don’t know their last name), two American women respectively NY and fromOregonthey performed as a duet on the famous stage talent show at the pace For goodone of the songs from the musical Wicked. Before the performance, the program participants shared with hundreds of viewers the reasons for choosing this song, saying that they met thanks to transfer From Heart.

In 2007, Holly lost her son. Jake who became an organ donor after his death. At the same time, Kim became the mother of a baby. Beckham what after 16 days from birth he needed transfer From Heart survive. The newborn, according to the mother, received a vital organ from Jake: an episode that, several years later, marked the beginning of a profound friendship set between two women.

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The last song I sang for Jake before he died was For Good by Wicked.Holly said before performing on the talent stage. “When Beckham completed his heart transplant – Kim continued – I wasn’t allowed to hug him, so for that reason I patted his head while singing him a song from Wicked.

A few years after the operation, Kim decided to write letter gratitude addressed to Holly and her family: “We have kept contactJake’s mother said, speaking of the bond of friendship she formed with the woman shortly after receiving her message.

We took the opportunity to meet and get to know each other for the first time, as soon as he saw me he hugged me and that was one of the best moments of my entire life.

For the rest of the speech, Holly and Kim spoke about the purpose of their performance, explaining what they wanted raise awareness public regarding the topic donation From bodies: “We would like to extend our words on this topic: if we could change just one person’s heart, we could say it was worth it.

For the first time in my entire life, I was able to feel some kind of connection with this music.– the judge began Howie Mandel at the end of the speech, after which touching words were spoken Sofia Vergara: “I think this will be a moment we will always remember“, promoting the two singers to the next stage of the singing competition.

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