The epilogue of La La Land is one of the most beautiful and powerful endings in the recent history of cinema

La La Land is a 2016 film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It received 14 nominations at the 2017 Academy Awards, equaling the record for films such as Eve against Eve And Titanicfinally winning 6 statuettes. He is awarded seven Golden Globesout of seven nominations, the Audience Award to the Toronto International Film Festival and many other numerous international accolades, becoming one of the most awarded and appreciated films of 2016. The film received universal acclaim from critics, who praised Damien Chazelle’s direction, the performance of the Stone and the soundtrack of the film, receiving top marks from many critics and resulting in one of the most popular films since its release in theaters.

La la Land, the plot

La La Land it is probably one of the most recent cases of a film that has managed to transform itself into a real cultural phenomenon. the film tells the love story between a jazz musician and an aspiring actress, played respectively by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. My lives in Los Angeles and dreams of becoming an actress, but at the moment she only prepares cappuccino for famous actors in the diner at the Warner studios where she works to support herself. Sebastian, on the other hand, is a jazz musician that no one understands and appreciates. The two meet, or rather collide, under the sun of a busy highway and then meet again. Slowly, a wonderful love story will be born between them, but life is complicated and not always in step with love…

The famous scene

The film’s epilogue is probably one of the most beautiful and powerful endings in the recent history of cinema: Mia imagines what their life could have been like if the relationship with Sebastian had worked; the sense of what could have been captured in an ingenious, nostalgic and utterly emotional “what if”. Here is the famous scene from “La La Land”.

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