The famous and outrageous transparent wedding dress in history

“A wedding in general or on a farm?” It’s a litany that has been circulating in formal wear stores since early spring, between boring blue suits for men and familiar pastel-colored dresses for ladies. The wedding season is coming to an end and for the second summer in a row, the real risks of style, and not among the rows of guests, are visible on the altar with sheer wedding dresses, ultra-feminine and with a “naked” effect, which, with a play of sheer fabrics and laces that seem to be tattooed on the skin, leaves very little room for imagination. Like many other modern trends,naked dress this is nothing new: In January 1968, an Observer reporter complained from Paris that “the worst trick of the season is the sheer wedding dresses.” Rooted in the revolutionary spirit of the time, between feminism and the counterculture, it represented a departure from traditional bridal designs with a mix of sheer fabrics, lace illusions and strategic cutouts from the very beginning. Yves Saint Laurent he was a driving force among the stylists who caused a scandal that season. Throughout his career, he has always paid special attention to the theme of marriage, driven by the desire to make every bride feel her most beautiful on this special day dedicated to love, offering modern yet completely feminine outfits.

1968 collection, renamed Eve in Paradisecharacterized by unconventional designs that ignored the boundaries between high fashion andwedding attire. Saint Laurent’s use of sheer fabrics, deep plunging necklines and sultry silhouettes challenged the traditional perception of wedding dress by offering an unparalleled alternative, demonstrating that there is room in the market for unpredictable dresses to be worn down the altar that are both liberating and romantic, and sparking a trend that continues develop over the years. The loudest exit from a fashion show, with a model barely covered in a bikini with false flowers and a virgin veil on her head, really Eve from heaven on earth, was not just a provocation. In an interview for the television program Dim Dam Dom, which has become historical above all, how Yves Saint Laurent responded to Coco Chanel’s accusations that she copies her (“I think that the big difference between me and Mademoiselle Chanel is that I try a style that allows them to adapt their style to my clothes and allows them to develop their individuality. While a woman in Chanel looks like Mademoiselle Chanel”), she also talked about the bride in a bathing suit, which in her eyes symbolized “(… ) eternal femininity. No one laughs at Eve, except perhaps a fool. The episode and scandal of Eve Au Paradise became so significant in the history of the Maison that it reappeared on the catwalks of high fashion in 1999, with the same sensation, in a slightly updated, but undeniably sensual version thanks to the magnetic effect. Letitia Casta as a model, then only twenty years old.

French model Laetitia Casta presents the wedding dress of Yves Saint Laurent 1999 spring-summer haute couture collection in Paris on January 20 photo by Frédéric Florin afp photo by Frédéric Florinfp via getty imagespinterest icon

Laetitia Casta at the Yves Saint-Laurent Spring/Summer haute couture 1999 show.


In recent years, there has been a trendnude effect wedding dress it attracted the attention of all the brides who wanted it, above all thanks to celebrities and influencers, with their high-profile weddings, always impeccable and sponsored, where often we saw careless and transparent dresses that are hard to forget. It is also the credit – or fault – of the VIPs, if nude dress was normalized in a short time, first with jersey wear in every conceivable nude hue, from both Yeezy (from Kanye West) and Skims (from Kim’s ex-wife), then it became the formal dress that really made a splash: Kim herself Kardashian appeared on the red carpet of the MET Gala 2019 in a Thierry Mugler wet-look latex dress, and for the 2022 edition, she didn’t deviate too much from the concept, opting for a controversial nude color with crystals. the inlaid dress in which Marilyn Monroe serenaded President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s.

paris, france on june 28, zoe kravitz and her husband karl glusman arrive for dinner at la perouse restaurant where they celebrate their recent wedding on june 28, 2019 in paris, france photo by pierre suugc imagespinterest icon

June 28, 2019 by Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman

Pierre Su//Getty Images

The only real limitation yet to be overcome is the exposed nipple, which is not easily accepted by the public. English actress knows something about it Florence Pugh, who after grabbing everyone’s attention in a see-through fuchsia dress at the Valentino haute couture show in Rome in July 2022, received nothing but vitriol from bodyshamers on social media. But Pugh is one of the few actresses who knows what she wants to do with her image and isn’t easily intimidated by online chatter – her relationship with Zach Braff has already come under fire from all angles (“He’s too old! He’s a loser! She’s manipulating you, because you’re young!) – so, after defending your choice on Instagram to wear a dress that apparently embarrasses everyone with its transparency (“What are you so afraid of breasts? Small? Big? Left? Right? Only one “Maybe not? What. This. So. Terrible,” she replied to the keyboard lions), just a year later she appeared at the Chateau de Chantilly at the next Valentino couture show in incredible lavender, with a nose piercing and with pride in the wind. wind.

chantilly, france 05 july editorial use non-editorial use only please get approved by fashion house florence pugh attends valentino haute couture fall winter 20232024 show during paris fashion week at château chantilly 05 july 2023 in chantilly, france photo: marc piasekiwireimagepinterest icon

Florence Pugh at Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Show

Mark Piasecki//Getty Images

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