The famous Bilbao in San Polo reopens its doors We start with a DJ set by Gabry Ponte

San Polo’s Bilbao reopens its doors, a dance club popular between the eighties and the nineties, attracting many young people from Reggio Emilia and the province of Parma. The venue, which is now managed by the company that also belongs to Taneto’s After Hours, makes its debut tonight, which it wants to make a “musical and cultural village”. We start with Gabriel Ponte, ex Eiffel 65, engaged in a live musical DJ set, for the opportunity to celebrate his 25 years career made up of hundreds of performances in Italy and abroad. It boasts of international successes, Grammy nominations and multiple platinum records all over the world. In 2014, Gabry Ponte entered the Top 100 DJs chart. He has also produced hits for artists such as Dua Lipa, Fifth Harmony, Rita Ora, Martin Garrix and Skrillex among others. Hence, the start “with a bang” for the new Bilbao. And it doesn’t end there. Random party is scheduled tomorrow, a tour “Random Party”. It’s a show that’s clearly based on music and dance, where you go dressed haphazardly, with inflatable balls, beach donuts, wigs… an evening where you’re chosen by the DJ Listen to music without any logic, but with a great desire to have fun. Finley is expected to follow up with their concert in Bilbao on 17 June. Time Box on 23rd June, Meddy Carter on 24th, stand up comedy with Nathan Kiboba on 28th, over 35 party with Tutareggio Estate on 30th, Waiting for Ludwig on 7th July, live performance La Blues on 17th July.

The Bilbao area is owned by the municipality. It would be managed for the next nine years by the Val Tasbio company, led by Stefano Spadaccini and Enrico Bolondi.


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