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Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson, Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz: the list of celebrities who love to wear the curtain fringe. Also known by the French term “dentel” or with the Anglo-Saxon expression “curtain bangs”, this is one of the trends on the front of hair and ofhairstyling more widespread also on the Net and on social networks, as shown by the bulletin boards of many influencers.

Because they like curtain bangs

The curtain fringe is feminine and immediately gives off an air cheeky And youth. It doesn’t need too much care and, unlike classic bangs, it doesn’t require scissors and monthly adjustments from the hairdresser. To make this type of fringe famous was the icon of French cinema and beyond, Brigitte BB Bardotin the 70s.

How is the curtain fringe

The curtain fringe is defined in this way since it is an flong range open on the forehead, longer at the ends, with slight scaling, and shorter in the central part. So frame the face as if, in fact, it were a curtain.

Who is curtain bangs good for?

One of the strengths of curtain bangs is that it can be customizable based on your hair type and shape of its own oval. The beauty of this fringe pattern is that it is versatile and looks good on everyone, enhancing the features of your face and reducing the limits: if you have a long face, the “dentelé”, especially if removed, helps you to slim it down, if, on the other hand, you have a square face, it helps to soften cheekbones and other features. – If you have straight hair, you can afford to wear it long, putting your eyes in the foreground; – if you have curly hair, it’s better to let the unruly strands fall near the temples, on the sides of the forehead; – if you have fine and thin hair, curtain bangs can be a trick to give your hair more volume. If you like short hair, a light and streamlined bob would be ideal. For long hair, on the other hand, the long curtain fringe is fine, which covers the eyes and eyebrows and “fills” the sides. And if you’re undecided between a fringe and a tuft, the “curtain bangs” (a little shorter and bombé than the classic tuft) are perfect.

Curtain bangs: bon ton or rock?

The curtain fringe is also ideal for enhancing yours personality. If you feel more like a dude bon ton and you love the vintage, wear it more finished and worked, with a more sustained crease. If, on the other hand, you are more rock, you can opt for a soft and natural look, with an irregular cut (“shag bang”). Last summer the “chin bang” was all the rage, extended to the chin and especially suitable for “full” cuts at shoulder height.

How to dry well and style curtain bangs

It’s all in the cut, that’s why if you want curtain bangs it’s best not to rely on the do-it-yourself, but put yourself in the hands of a hair styling professional. When done right, this fringe will really demand you little maintenance housewife and one quick and easy folding. To dry it well you should use a flat brush or your fingers and dry it strand by strand in a natural way, making small twists, and proceeding so on until the end. A good product anti-frizz will be your ally.

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