The glass bridge broke, and the tourists fell: one person died

A disaster occurred on a 10-meter high glass walkway in Indonesia.

While 11 tourists were walking in Gyeong, the glass, the material from which the bridge is made, suddenly cracked.

As a result of the crack, two tourists fell to the ground, while other tourists were scattered on the sides of the bridge due to the sudden collapse.

At the end of the disaster, one of the tourists died who fell to the ground.

The police launched an investigation into the center’s management for allegedly ignoring complaints regarding the safety of the bridge.

Indonesian media reported that the police detected many violations in their investigations. It is claimed that the thickness of the glass should be at least 5 cm, but the thickness of this bridge is 1.2 cm.

It is reported that even standard inspections related to the bridge were not carried out.

Complaints have been received before
According to the Jakarta Post news; Limpakuwus Pine Forest Cooperative Association president Ekop Purnomo had previously contacted the Geong Bridge manager in April.

He said at the time that he wanted to conduct a security assessment of the tourist attraction after receiving complaints on social media.

The president claimed that five percent of visitors to the tourism site shared negative sentiments online.

Purnomo also allegedly contacted the unnamed manager and tried to arrange a meeting to discuss the complaints.

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