The great Modenese will be glorified. Homage to Cavani, Drake movie

The 80th Venice International Film Festival will have several connections with Modena. Starting with the event that will accompany tomorrow’s inauguration day: tomorrow evening (Wednesday 30th) at 19:00, in the Great Hall of the Palazzo del Cino, director Carpi Liliana Cavani will receive the Golden Lion for Distinguished Achievement, as a tribute to her many years of achievements . , a distinguished career. Last January, Liliana Cavani turned ninety, she has directed such wonderful films as “The Night Porter”, “La Pelle” and “Francesco”: her latest work “The Order of Time” will be presented out of competition at a film exhibition”, freely inspired by the same name a novel by physicist Carlo Rovelli, a meditation on the nature of time, between science, philosophy and literature. The cast also includes Alessandro Gassmann, Claudia Gerini and Edoardo Leo. Also in Venice, on Thursday, August 31, at 15.30, Liliana Cavani will give a master class on cinema, which can also be followed live on the website

Another highly anticipated event in Venice is the premiere of Michael Mann’s film Ferrari, a Hollywood production filmed almost entirely in Modena a year ago. On Thursday, August 31, much of the film’s cast (which hits theaters on Christmas Day) will walk the red carpet: Adam Driver, who plays Drake, Penélope Cruz as his wife Laura, as well as Shailene Woodley, Gabriel Leone, Patrick Dempsey and Jack O’Connell. Naturally, the desire to watch the biopic that will bring Modena to screens around the world is off the charts. Set in 1957, the film focuses on a very difficult and difficult period for Drake, caught between economic difficulties and personal dramas: Enzo Ferrari knew how to react when he bet on the Mille Miglia, an incredible race full of sporting emotion and pathos. . It was an unforgettable edition, filled with success and tragedy, and, as we know, it was also reconstructed with adrenaline-filled footage in the heart of Modena.


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