The health department provided 2,374 medical services to fire-affected areas

La Paz, November 19, 2023 (ATB Digital). – The Ministry of Health’s brigades provided 2,374 medical services in fire-affected areas of La Paz and Beni provinces.

Henry Tarqui of the Ministry of Health noted that the city of Rurrenabaque provided 573 services and the city of San Buenaventura provided 1,841 services.

The main condition experienced by people is conjunctivitis, followed by headache, pharyngitis, dehydration and carbon monoxide poisoning.

During the event, in the community of Beira Altura, a 33-year-old patient was bitten by an ant and required hospitalization, but she decided to refuse.

Doctors advise: “It is important not to risk going to hospital predicting anything.”

Health teams, made up of doctors, nursing assistants, interns and others, work in three shelters in two cities.


Combined Adverse Incident Response Command (CCREA) Chief of Operations Percy Arandia reported that Eco Charlie and Super Puma helicopters continued unloading operations on Saturday.

At the same time, 214 forest firefighters were dispatched by land. In San Buenaventura, there are 147 firefighters located in 7 de Diciembre (11), Santa Ana (11), San Buenaventura Sugar Factory (23), Altamarani (23 ), Tumupasa (23), Buena Vista (22), San Isidro (18) and Capaina (13).

In Rurrenabaque, there are 46 firefighters in the communities of El Tigre (24), El Cebú (11) and San Silvestre (11). In the municipality of San Borja 21.

Alandia said weather conditions “with strong winds of about 70 kilometers per hour made aircraft operations difficult. To avoid any type of risk, they had to wait for the resumption of flights and operations between approximately 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.” .

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