The history of the hairpiece: the most beautiful things in cinema

We’re used to seeing very elegant hairpieces walking red carpets, filling Instagram accounts, accompanying dancers on stage. But we know little about the origins of this princely hairstyle, in fact, clearly less than about the noble origins, given that in Mesopotamia (where it first appeared) it was intended only for slaves.

Women of Ancient Greece thought to ennoble it by wearing a typical low knot at the back of the head decorating it with jewelry and clasps to emphasize your social status. And if in China the chignon was a hairstyle for married women, then in Japan it was a hairstyle Samurai to celebrate the high hairpiece needed to give the helmet greater stability.

Depending on fashion, the hairpiece was (possibly) among the reasons that led to the conviction for homosexuality of Oscar Wilde, who in 1884 appeared with his hair tied in a small knot at the founding of the Fabian Society. Hairstyle with a thousand-year history unisex by definition came into popular culture thanks to artists who demonstrated it in real life and in films.

Sophia Loren in

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The most beautiful hairpieces in cinema history

Volumetric, regal, crowned with a small crown: Holly Golightly – aka Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – this is probably it the most beautiful hairpiece in the history of cinema. A great classic, the ultimate symbol of 1950s sophistication, capable of inspiring hairstyles far across time and space. An example would be harvesting Cate Blanchett as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, making her film debut in 2015, 54 years later.

Completely different hairstyle Parisian Brigitte Bardot, who gathers up her wavy hair to enter the bath in a fun and provocative manner. Or from space double buns Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Star Wars, capable of transporting the typical chignon silhouette into another universe.

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Not forgetting fashion and the companion of epic love stories. Like Eva Green, the modern Bond girl who, in 2006, was the only one capable of making 007 (played by Daniel Craig) fall in love with a tight, severe bun.

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