The history of the shorts and the style icons who wore them

Depending on the length (or fabric) it is given a name. Shortsfrom knee to mid-thigh. jortsBermuda shorts are styled and essentially denim shorts. Shorts, inguinal, those about big scandals and unscrupulous slogans. Travel? very long; from the late nineteenth century to the present day, from American colleges to the catwalks. Because basically they business from uniform: students wear it with socks before replacement, in adolescence, with long trousers more suited to maturity. However, for women, tennis clears them.: “I could not help admiring her shorts, which at that time were not yet worn in Europe,” writes journalist Gianni Clerici in 500 years of tennis. She Alice Marble, super champion who ditched the skirt in favor of shorts in 1933challenging the prejudices of a fanatical America of the thirties and forties, facing the cliché with an unwavering stance in a sport most loved by modest ladieshigh society.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Tennis player Alice Marble in shorts at Wimbledon, 1937.

Ullstein build Dtl.//Getty Images

There shorts history it all starts here, with a clay court and an adventurous athlete whose Bermuda shorts aren’t that skimpy. On the other hand, the ones worn by the pin-up girls of the fifties touch the erogenous zones, crystallizing in the imagination with disturbing Marilyn Monroe who boasts a sequel: in wedges and jersey tees, in a jumpsuit style with marinières, doing yoga, playing baseball or posing against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean in Hollywood, which brings her fame.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Marilyn Monroe in 1952 during a baseball game with fellow 20th Century Fox employees.

Hulton Archive//Getty Images

Hers are sinful but not too scandalous, the public is now accustomed to (once)dressing burlesque queens and then, basically, shorts, even the queen of good manners Jacqueline Kennedy wore them in those yearsin a plaid blouse, on vacation in the port of Hyannis.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Jackie Kennedy relaxing at the family estate in Hyannis Port, 1953

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Following the parallel chicnot to be mentioned Marquis Pucci shorts; in plain silk shantung, patterned cotton gabardine, or silk twill, all with side zips and button-down waist strap. A Neapolitan nobleman introduces them to Sicilian, the Spring-Summer 1955 collection dedicating clothes to festive elegance.

I’m talking about all the beauties of the sixties and seventies: Brigitte Bardot he is wearing shorts second skinwith a belt and high boots, when in 1971 he met Pele at the Paris stadium during a charity match, while Jane Birkinin the same year shows winter editionin Vicky Tiel velvet, paired with sheer stockings and Mary Jane pumps.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Brigitte Bardot in tight shorts, 1971

Bethmann//Getty Images
the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Jane Birkin in Vicky Teal velvet shorts, also in ’71.

M. McKeown//Getty Images

It was in this decade that the shorts label was born. goodbye longuet title of lapidary Women’s clothing for every day September 30, 1970, continuing to describe the decline of the maxi skirt in favor of micro-proportioned shorts. Drawing from the imaginary with bright colors, he calls them “shorts, a term officially forged life who on January 29, 1971 made a statement that went down in history: “They’re called shorts, they’re everywhere. It’s an incredible mania.” Yes, because this decade will also be a time of freedom and shamelessness, bohemia and avant-garde couturiers, but when Lilliputian jeans meet the masses in historical advertising, it immediately becomes scandalous.

“Who loves me, follow me” is an irreverent motto printed on the sidelines of the most famous b-side ad. In 1973, a young Oliviero Toscani paired with Emanuele Pirella created an advertisement for Jesus Jeansperpetuating everywhere buttocks Donna Jordan, muse of Antonio Lopez and later girlfriend of an Italian photographer. Are you talking about shorts? They sell like hot cakes and stir up controversy that even Pier Paolo Pasolini has to worry about.

From shorts to shorts: short shorts today, between catwalk and street style

The cross and delight of a youth trying to repeat a la Kate Mossshorts are experiencing a second popularity in the first decade of the 2000s. British supermodel makes him a Glastonbury workhorse; Hunting overshoes, his vest and XS plaid shorts with a belt.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Kate Moss at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005.

MJ Kim//Getty Images

He brings them to the podium, causing a stir; not so much because of the short film itself, but because of the lit cigarette and the hint of cellulite. The former cannot be forgiven because – coincidences – the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection is on the catwalk just as England is celebrating. no smoking day and the second for the idiocy of commentators, see daily mail who at the time ridiculed the fact that the vice did not help her lower back.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Kate Moss on the catwalk Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 2012

Dominic Charriot//Getty Images

Since to wear shorts, you need dryness, and maybe a little self-irony, as Katy Perry teaches in the video California girls, a modern-day Bettie Page in sparkly shorts and plenty of cream. Today? A new fetish has appeared in fashion: an underestimated bottom almost to the knees and denim; they’re called shorts– from the combination of jeans and shorts – and this is the key phrase of the street style of the summer of 2023.. So, we saw the paparazzi: Irina Shaykin full black uniform and high boots, Hailey Bieber pupil 3.0 inches shorts and moccasins and Gigi Hadid shirt and baseball cap.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Hailey Bieber in jorts, last July 19 in New York

Raymond Hall//Getty Images

Why they like them is easy to say: they are versatile, comfortable (mostly baggy cuts) and can be styled to match. As for the catwalks, we can say that shorts are timeless.. Celine imagines the rocker BB in white shorts, marinier, vest and biker boots, and Chanel – modern garcon in impalpable Bermuda shorts and a one-piece swimsuit, all ruffled. Macrame shorts by Elie Saab are also romantic, and Tom Ford shorts with silver or gold sequins are worn disco queen ready to party.

the history of the shorts and the celebrities who wore thempinterest icon

Look from the Coperni spring-summer 2023 show

estrop//Getty Images

Coperni and Diesel offer them more groin and if the former forces them to engage in a dialogue with a shirt and cleavage as a sign of elegance, then the latter, who apparently thinks of them in jeans, seems to look at the irreverence of those immortalized by Toscani. Summing up; the time you explore, the shorts you find. Knee length, short or very short, long live the shorts!

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