The Israeli army crosses the border: tanks are deployed in the fields

Israeli attacks on Gaza continue for the twenty-third day.

The number of Palestinians who lost their lives as a result of the attacks that have been ongoing for weeks has exceeded 8,000.

The heat of war in the region is increasing day by day.

The brutality of the Israeli army, which attacked Gaza with banned white phosphorus bombs, is revealed in photographs from the region.

Gaza is being bombarded with howitzers and tank fire

The Israeli army, which hit more than 450 places in Gaza with air strikes throughout the night, has been bombarding northern Gaza with howitzers and tank fire since the morning.

Israeli aircraft also continue their air strikes on the northern Gaza Strip.

Another issue is the ground operation. While there were intense conflicts in the region, the updated war map became a popular topic on social media.

Tanks were deployed on agricultural lands

Reports indicated that the Israeli army deployed its tanks in the northern Gaza Strip.

The agency’s correspondent stated that the tanks deployed on the other side of the border fence were stationed in agricultural lands adjacent to the Beit Hanoun area in northern Gaza.

The activities of the ground forces are expanding

On Friday, the Israeli army announced the deployment of ground forces around the Gaza Strip. “It will expand its activities” has announced.

Following this statement, the Israeli occupation army intensified its air, land and sea attacks on the region, especially northern Gaza.

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