The Israeli Army: Our soldiers continue to expand their ground operations in Gaza (the 24th day in the conflict between Israel and Hamas) – Latest news around the world

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    Despite calls from the international community for a ceasefire, Israel continues to intensify the attacks it launched on Gaza on October 7. The statement issued by the Israeli army said that soldiers continued their “ground operations” in Gaza throughout the night.

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    Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups were reported during the operations, and “several members” of Hamas’ military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, were killed.

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    The Israeli army announced on October 27 that the “activities” of ground forces around the Gaza Strip would be “expanded.”

    Following this announcement, the Israeli army intensified its attacks on Gaza. Although the Israeli administration has not yet officially announced the start of the ground operation, it was seen yesterday that many army tanks were deployed in agricultural lands near the Beit Hanoun area in northern Gaza.

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    Thousands of people died

    Israeli officials announced that 1,538 Israelis have been killed so far in attacks carried out from Gaza. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the death toll as a result of the Israeli attacks rose to 8,050, including 3,342 children and 2,262 women, while 20,242 people were injured.

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    CNN: The American amphibious ship is heading towards the eastern Mediterranean

    The US-based CNN network announced that the amphibious ship sent by the United States to the Middle East and located in the Red Sea is heading towards the eastern Mediterranean. According to a CNN report, citing US officials who wish to remain anonymous, the amphibious ship USS Bataan, carrying the 26th Marine Expeditionary Task Force that the US sent to the Middle East in August, began moving toward the Suez Canal late last week.

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    One of the officials indicated that the ship, which has been stationed in the Red Sea since August, will arrive in the eastern Mediterranean soon.

    The officials indicated that with this step, the ship will be closer to Israel and Lebanon, and they stated that one of the ship’s duties is to help evacuate civilians. The United States had called on its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country on October 18.

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    USA: We have no plans to send troops to Israel or Gaza

    On the other hand, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced that they have no plans to send troops to Israel or Gaza. Harris stated that Israel has “the right to defend itself.”

    Harris stressed that “Hamas and the Palestinians should not be considered equal,” adding that “the Palestinians deserve the same security, determination, and dignity that the Israelis enjoy.” He said.

    Harris pointed out the necessity of adhering to the rules of war in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, noting the importance of the continued flow of humanitarian aid to Palestine. US Vice President Harris said: “We have no plans or intentions to send troops to Israel or Gaza.” He called on Iran not to get involved in this issue.

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    Hamas Director: We expected a lot from Hezbollah

    On the other hand, the head of the Hamas International Relations Office, Musa Abu Marzouk, said that they expected a lot from Hezbollah, and were surprised by the position of the Palestinian administration.

    Marzouk said: “We expected a lot from Hezbollah and from our brothers in the West Bank, and we were ashamed of the position of our brothers in the Palestinian administration led by Mahmoud Abbas.” He said.

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    Abu Marzouk said that there are good voices among some officials in the Palestinian administration, but the remaining voices claim a lot:

    “Many foreigners told us that members of the Palestinian Authority and some Arab countries are secretly calling on the West to ‘eliminate Hamas’.”

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    “The Israeli war on Gaza even left behind the Holocaust.”

    The spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, Iyad Al-Bozm, confirmed during the press conference that the Gaza Strip is in urgent need of fuel to operate electrical generators and water treatment plants in hospitals, and to serve bakeries, ambulances, and civil institutions. Defense teams.

    Al-Bazm stated that Israel continues to cut off electricity and drinking water, and prevent fuel, medicine, and food aid from the Gaza Strip, in a war that surpasses even the Holocaust. Al-Bazm stressed that Israel’s claims that the aid went to Palestinian resistance factions are incorrect, and said that Israel’s ridiculous claims cannot convince anyone.

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    Al-Bazm said, “The international institutions operating in Gaza were the ones who assessed the dangerous humanitarian situation there and reached a consensus on the catastrophe caused by the crimes of the occupier.” He said.

    Al-Bazm pointed out that Israel is promoting lies to justify its crimes against the people of Gaza:

    He added, “Israel’s crimes beyond all description, which aimed to isolate Gaza from the world, isolated it from all the peoples of the world who realized the brutality of this formation based on blood and massacres.”

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    The threat from Israel to hospitals and schools where thousands of civilians are sheltering

    The statement, which was published on the Telegram account of the Gaza government’s media office, stated that Israel threatened to bomb the Orthodox cultural center, where 1,000 people took refuge, and a Greek school, where more than 500 people took refuge.

    According to information reported by the Palestinian Wafa News Agency from its sources in the region at the beginning of the twenty-fourth day of the war, Israeli warplanes subjected the facilities surrounding Al-Quds Hospital to intense bombardment throughout the night.

    12 thousand people who took refuge in the Jerusalem Hospital of the Palestinian Red Crescent, thinking that it was safe, faced difficult times during the bombing.

    The Palestinian Red Crescent announced in its statement that the Israeli occupation authorities threatened to bomb Al-Quds Hospital and demanded its immediate evacuation.

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    The Israeli army updates the number of powers held by Hamas

    During the press conference, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari exchanged updated information on the number of prisoners held by Hamas. Hajri pointed out that there are 239 people “detained” in Gaza and that they have informed their families, noting that they include foreign workers.

    Hajari stated that they are also tracking Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinfar, and will continue to track him until he is found.

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    Internet service interruption in some areas in the northern Gaza Strip

    In the written statement published on the Facebook page of the Palestinian telecommunications company Jawwal, it was noted that there had been an interruption in the Internet and communications service as a result of the breakdown of the main generator in the Sheikh Radwan area.

    The statement stated that efforts to fix the defect continue without interruption, recalling that there have been repeated interruptions in Internet access, landline telephone, and communications on mobile devices since the day the attacks began.

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