The Israeli-Palestinian War: France’s last-minute statement on Israel: It must end immediately!

Latest news about the Israeli-Palestinian war: Israel started with Hamas’s initiative “Al-Aqsa Flood” The massacre continues in Palestine after the operation. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Jewish settler violence against Palestinians is increasing. This is unacceptable.” He responded to Israel by saying:

Below are minute-by-minute developments in the Israeli-Palestinian war:

A new threat from Israel to Gaza

23.12: The Gaza government media office announced that Israel threatened to bomb the Orthodox cultural center, where 1,000 people took refuge, and a Greek school, where more than 500 people took refuge.

In another statement, it was warned against the consequences of Israel’s threat to directly bomb hospitals and demanded the evacuation of these places.

It was emphasized that Israel’s continued bombing of hospitals and threatening to target them directly constitutes a war crime.

Consecutive meetings of US President Biden

22.52: Egyptian President Sisi met with US President Joe Biden to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian war. Biden, “It is not permissible to send the people of Gaza to Egypt or any other country.” He said.

22.26: US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden said during the meeting in which the Israeli-Palestinian war was discussed: “Israel has every right and responsibility to protect its citizens from terrorism. It must do so in a manner consistent with international law, which gives priority to the protection of civilians.” He said.

A missile attack on the oil field where the American base in Syria is located

22.05: Regional sources reported a drone and missile attack on the Al-Omar oil field in Syria, where the American base is located.

Israel’s exit from France

21.40: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Jewish settler violence against Palestinians is increasing. This is unacceptable and must end immediately.

21.28: French President Macron: I reiterate my call for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons to protect the residents of Gaza.

19.18: Lebanese Hezbollah targeted the Kiryat Shmona area on the Israeli border. Some buildings were damaged.

Israel began bombing the area where Al-Quds Hospital is located

19.15: Israeli warplanes; It carries out continuous air strikes in the area where Al-Quds Hospital is located, with the aim of displacing medical staff, hospital residents, and patients.

Hamas destroyed Israeli military vehicles entering the Gaza Strip

19.07: The Al-Qassam Brigades published a statement on the matter via its Telegram account.

The statement stated that Israeli military vehicles entering the northwest of the Gaza Strip were bombarded with heavy-caliber mortar shells, and some vehicles caught fire west of the Erez area, and many soldiers inside were killed.

It was reported that two tanks were confirmed among the Israeli vehicles that were targeted by the Qassam Brigades and caught fire.

The statement stated that clashes between the Israeli army and the Al-Qassam Brigades are continuing in the region.

The Al-Qassam Brigades announced in a statement today that they had repelled an attempted attack launched by the Israeli occupation forces on the town of Beit Lahia, northwest of the besieged Gaza Strip.

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