The King of Convenience and Bon Iver: The Caress of La Prima Estate

Justin Vernon Say good-bye to your band for a moment, bon evers, and grabs the acoustic guitar. The light becomes soft, only a red beam illuminates it. start singing “skinny love”, Some children dance wildly, happily and freely in the garden of the La Prima estate. Even the trees shaken by the gusts of light wind seem to be in harmony with that melody. other small, approx That 2007 song was a sweet lullaby taken from “For Emma, ​​Forever Ago”Laying on the grass on top of the towel, they even fall asleep parents hug, These are the images that tell of the magical balance that the festival finds on its second day, set tomorrow in the Bussola park in Lido di Camaiore, with its holiday and relaxed atmosphere in which the clock magically stops Is. the other half has about 8,000 participants, net of all long queue for token withdrawal (tokens with which food and drinks can be purchased within the event), a problem that arose when the QR code machines malfunctioned.

Bon Iver, on stage, takes care of every detailFrom light to order: cybernetic minimalism “715-Creeks” in which the voice manages to penetrate the audience with warmth even with the vocoder, but at the same time long and impressive instrumental coda Of “Faith”A relay of sound sequences that once again demonstrate Justin Vernon’s state of grace, able to mentor even stars like Taylor Swift, This day is marked by good feelings and music that descends like a caress on the skin, this can be understood from the afternoon: Guinevere initiates the dance, a local talent amidst folk, memories of Radiohead and sound with meditative mood, The Milanese artist, in tune with the vibrations created, urges us to re-appropriate time, a trap we often fall into in everyday life. This is “slow” music for listening and sharing, not consumption., it’s time for the experimental pop dei japanese breakfast, a well-arranged band in which guitars, gongs and horns find their place. Korean-American singer and musician Michelle Zauner looks like something out of a Tarantino or Refn movieThe materials, the style, the techniques and a hint of mystery are what make the project so appealing.

before the bon evers they go up The king of convenience, the real revelation of the day, The Norwegian duo who returned to the scene in 2021 with “Peace or Love” and produced by Erland Oye and Eric Glembeck Boewas special we knew, but, undoubtedly buoyed by the mesmerizing location where they perform, the sun almost completely consumed by the sea, They really do appear to be the right group at the right time, including delicate, acoustic sonorities, soft voices, complex harmonic development with guitar, symphony, dialogue with other musicians david bartoliniPolite speech in Italian by Erlend Øye (he lives in Sicily for years), songs like “misread”: contributes to making everything familiar and vivid aesthetic environment Which remains even on the next day of the festival. It’s no coincidence that “The First Summer” is also a song by Oye, such a special day, perhaps, It was already written somewhere in the destiny of the festival,

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