The latest Los Angeles Lakers news and rumors

With every passing moment, the Los Angeles Lakers get closer to starting their NBA journey. Things will start to move forward when the Californians begin preseason in two weeks, but the news won’t stop anytime.

Austin Reeves, who is expected to make a big contribution this season, was interviewed by Zach Lowe on The Lowe post Podcast and said that this Lakers team is better than last season’s team and is the best in the league One of the teams.

“I would say we have the most talented roster in the league from top to bottom. We hired some great players this offseason. We have a lot of very talented guys, use this time to build a foundation between us Will help us “a lot,” said Reeves, who will be entering his third season in the purple and gold.

It’s clear that the end of LeBron James’ career will come sooner or later, but Lakers owner Jeanie Buss says the “King” still has a few more seasons to play. The organization’s president was interviewed by LA SportsCenter and mentioned that she believes in the player’s durability.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron (James) plays another five years. The things we’ve seen him do over the past two seasons go against everything we’ve seen before. But it’s his decision,” the team owner said.

A few days ago, a video from Major League Baseball went viral, showing Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Miguel Rojas being interviewed on the field. The Venezuelan shouted in response to the question, which aroused great interest in social networks and also attracted the interest of protagonists of other sports, such as “King James”.

“This is so cool. I put one of these (microphones) on during a game around the fourth quarter of this year,” LeBron said via a story on his Instagram account @kingjames.

Patrick Beverley is one of the most popular “villains” in the NBA. He was always involved in arguments with players or arguments with referees. This time, the veteran driver is in the news as he announced on his podcast, The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, that he suggested his past friend and teammate with the Timberwolves, Jarred Vanderbilt Vanderbilt) don’t re-sign with Los Angeles.

“I woke up one day, wrote ‘Vando’ (Vanderbilt), don’t sign an extension, just go out and enjoy it,” Beverly advised.

However, the young power forward ignored him and extended his relationship with him for four years and paid him $48 million. “It would have been better for him to play as a free agent this year and his true value on the market would have been seen and he could have gotten a $60 or $65 million contract, but he made his decision , I respect that,” said the 35-year-old point guard.

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