The light at the end of the tunnel for Juan Soto’s future with the San Diego Padres

Juan Soto Having done well this season, part of his future great contract will be at stake major league. San Diego Padres There have been persistent rumors of a possible trade for the Dominican star to a team with young and impactful talent in the coming seasons.However, the next few weeks may be decisive for understanding the future forestfrom the famous journalist Hector Gomez He pointed out some important things.

Juan Soto Basically since he arrived San Diego Padres He’s been embroiled in a lot of trade rumors, however, the reality is that teams will consider extending the Dominican to keep him safe once again. Hector Gomez Dominican journalists with compatriot sources pledge “They went well” talks between the two sides.

quantity Juan Soto In 2023, they will not be enough San Diego Padres They had a chance to make the playoffs, but the team has been very inconsistent all season, failing to solidify the offense in each series and losing to opponents in worse form than them.

these are numbers Juan Soto 2023: 493 at-bats, 76 runs scored, 127 hits, 28 homers, 84 RBIs, .258 average, .883 OPS.

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