The luckiest colors to win an Oscar? Black, gold and white

Wearing a black suit by Armani or Valentino could increase your chances of winning an Oscar. Gold and white follow as “lucky” colors

superstitious report: apparently wear black (even better if with a dress designed by Valentino or Giorgio Armani) could increase the chances of the nominees of win an Oscar.

In fact, black turned out to be the luckiest color when it comes to winning a statuette, followed by gold and white.

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It is to arrive at these results Dalston Mill Fabrics which compiled the stylistic information behind every dress from every Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress winner in Academy history since 1929 to establish which colors and designers appeared most often on those who held a statuette in their hands at the end of the evening.

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The luckiest colors to wear to the Oscars are…

wear the blackthe results of this research say, increases the chances of winning an Oscar by almost a third: in fact, 32% of the best actresses (protagonists and not) had chosen this color.

Second place goes to goldwith 13% of the dresses from the winners (including Emma Stone, who won an Oscar in 2017 for La La Land wearing a gold suit of Givenchy Haute Couture).

Third place almost tied goes then to whitewith a good 12% of winners – above all a mention a Audrey Hepburn, who in 1954 wore a Givenchy dress adapted from that of her “Roman Holiday”.

Next up are the blue and the green.

The designers who bring the best luck to actresses competing for an Oscar

Prize for i more fortunate designers instead it is up to Giorgio Armani and Valentinowhich in two count 14% of the female statuettes.

In the 92 edition of the Academy Awards both winners were dressed Armani on the red carpet: Renée Zellweger an Armani Private white one-shoulder, Laura Dern a pink silk dress also branded Armani.

In recent years, however, Frances McDormand has collected two Oscars dressed Valentino, and like her Cate Blanchett, who won her first statuette wearing a Valentino dress.

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