The luxurious life lived by Peskov’s daughter, Putin’s right-hand man, sparked reactions

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the lives of “Russian elites” continue to generate controversy in the international community…

The photos that Peskova shared on Instagram show that she constantly attends invitations.

The life of Elizaveta Peskova, the daughter of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most trusted names, and in which she does not avoid any luxury outside the country, has become a hot topic.

The United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Peskova.

The luxurious life led by Putin’s spokesman’s young daughter, despite the sanctions imposed on Russia, has attracted great reactions. Although the 25-year-old says that she lives a quiet and modest life, it appears on her personal Instagram account that she constantly travels on private planes and attends parties.

The photos that Peskova shared on Instagram became popular again.

Peskova lived in Paris for many years after her mother, Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, divorced from her husband. Regarding Peskova, who works in Europe, her 56-year-old father said: “She lived in Paris under very difficult circumstances. But now he has a career. “He overcame all the difficulties,” he commented. Following Peskov’s statements, Lyubov Sobol, a supporter of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, made a striking statement.

“These are difficult circumstances for Peskov, who is a pathological liar,” Sobol said, sharing a photo of Peskov that she took on a private plane.

It appears that Peskova has been holding her posts in Moscow recently.

In 2016, Solotsinskaya wrote on social media that she moved to a new apartment on Victor Hugo Square in central Paris. An investigation by Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation revealed that the apartment, worth 1.8 million euros, was purchased by Sirius, a French company owned 75 percent by Solotsinskaya and 25 percent by Peskova.

The United States and the European Union apply sanctionsIn a photo of Peskov and Peskov, they stand outside Le Bristol Hotel, the epitome of French elegance.

The United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Peskova, her brother and her stepmother last year. The US said the three were living “luxurious lifestyles that are incompatible with Peskov’s state employee salary.”

In April this year, Peskova wrote on Instagram that she returned to Moscow from Paris five years ago, where she “worked and earned a lot, participated in various projects.”

release date: 09:38, 20 November 2023

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