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Few successes managed to change the fate of the entire saga, as happened with The Mandalorian. The first season of the series takes place in galaxy star Wars aired on Disney+ in 2019, surprising fans who, after initial skepticism, found a story that not only expanded the horizon of the story of his favorite franchise, but also found a way to touch its purest roots. The managers of Disney and Lucasfilm themselves were amazed that, burnt by the poor results of the latest sequel trilogy, they found the right way to revive the saga. focus shift to TV analogue. Therefore, in recent years, manufacturers have increased their commitment to mass production of products related to The Mandalorianmore or less directly (debuted Boba Fett book, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor and next August 23 will be the turn Ahsoka). However, the fact that the third season of adventure Dean Djarin and Grog convinced viewers and critics much less than usual, suggests a further rethinking of galactic strategy.

According to some rumors that have started circulating in the past few days, Disney is actually thinking about converting episodes intended for fourth season of the real film. Showrunner John Favreau confirmed that the scripts for this new series are ready, but now there is a possibility that they will be converted into a screenplay. Although, of course no confirmation yet in this respect, this hypothesis may be consistent with Lucasfilm’s desire to return centrality to the cinematic experience. Finally Star Wars Holiday London, moreover, after a long period of uncertainty, it was announced that in the coming years we will see several brand new movies star WarsHow Dawn of the Jedi signed by James Mangold which will see Daisy Ridley return as Rey, and another directed by Dave Filoni that should really wrap things up The Mandalorian.

So it is already somehow foreseen that Din Djarin and Grogu, very likely, also accompanied by Ahsoka and Boba Fett, will sooner or later get their way. debut on the big screen. It is not yet known if this will replace the already fourth season of the popular series. There are those who clearly wouldn’t welcome a change of plans, considering how fans have always appreciated it. The Mandalorian ability to tell the small chapters contained in each series, often moving between genres and expectations. But if that ability is lost in a feature film, it’s also true that the wait for a new full season, with the writers and actors still on strike, could be very long. At the highest levels of Disney and Lucasfilm, the challenge is to figure out what is the best way to continue these adventures because in the end This is the way.

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