The Mask: Jim Carrey’s most iconic film

Jim carrey he is one of the greatest actors of modern cinema of all time, the man who gave life to the most extravagant characters in Hollywood cinema. But we must remember that Jim before becoming a great actor, he started his career as a parodist and stand-up comedian, and from a young age his great passion for the world comedy. At the age of sixteen, he left school to pursue a career as a club comedian, emulating such celebrities as Michael Landon and James Stewart, until he moved to Los Angeles at seventeen, where he worked in comedy actseen by comedian Rodney Dangerfield. With time Jim continues to play his characters in comedy sketches, and his demeanor in front of the cameras did not go unnoticed by advertising Hollywood. So he began to play small roles in many films, including the film Francis Ford Coppola, Peggy Sue got married, Death bet From Clint Eastwood AND Introducing…Janet which was his film debut. His ascent into the film world began in 1994 with Ace Ventura – Animal Detectivefollowed by many other films through which Jim carrey he made himself famous all over the world thanks to his great ability to entertain the audience with his outlandish comedy out of the box. Among the most iconic films of the Canadian actor of all time, we must definitely remember, Mask – from zero to myth, dumb is dumber AND liar liar. However, the greatness of this actor is even more noticeable in films in which he did not have to appear in his usual comic guise, films that, thanks to beautiful interpretations, became two cornerstones of his cinematic history: The Truman ShowAND Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It’s a difficult task to choose one of these incredible films that can sum up the genius of this incredible actor, but probably the film that best represents cinematic madness. Jim carrey was Mask – from zero to mythalthough they deserve special mention The Truman Show And Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The quote for these last two films will seem odd, because they may not completely frame the comic background of the Canadian actor, but in fact it is in these two films that we notice part of the man. Jim carrey always hidden behind his immense likability, his beautiful melancholic side that comes through fully in these films and cements an amazing career.

Mask – from zero to myth

IN Mask – from zero to myth, Jim carrey interprets Stanley Ipkiss, an employee of Edge City bank. Stanley is stalked by the landlady and her boss, and finds it absurd that a beautiful woman, Tina Carlisle (Cameron Diaz) want to talk to him instead of his more glamorous colleague Charlie Shoemaker to open a bank account. In reality, the woman is only filming the inside of the bank to facilitate the robbery of her gangster boyfriend Dorian Tyrell (Peter Green) who needs money to win the throne of his boss Niko. So we enter the film, and in the evening, Stanley he is removed from the Coco Bongo club, and after being stranded on a bridge due to a car breakdown, he finds one in the river. ancient mask. returning home Stanley wear mask and here is the famous transformation From Jim carrey V Maskstrange character from green face endowed with physical invulnerability, numerous abilities and an unstable mind. In this moment Stanley scares the hostess, robs the bank in front of the gangsters, and when the bank is robbed, dances with Tina on Coco Bongo and make fun of gangsters. Powers mask they are incredible, and only later will it be discovered that they contain the soul of an evil Norse god. loki, which allows the carrier to become what he wants, and in the case Stanley, a superhero with great irony and incredible powers. Stanley will be arrested and only thanks to his dog Milo will be able to escape from prison, but Dorian took possession mask, and with the help of dynamite, he wants to get rid of Tina and Nico. He manages to kill Niko, but Tina is saved by an intervention during a brawl between Stanley and Dorian the Brave. milo, who will be able to restore the mask and allow Stanley put it on just in time to gobble up the dynamite and soften the explosion. After that, Dorian dies, sucked into the drain of the pool, and all his associates are arrested, and the mayor asks to release the hero. ipkiss. At the end of the movie now sure of affection Tina, Stanley throw it in the river mask, that his friend Charlie is trying to heal, but the little dog is ahead of Cute.

Mask entered the history of modern comedy cinema, whenever you think of one green maskthe character that comes to mind is always the one being played Jim carrey. This is clearly a light and laid-back film, because the iconicity is not associated with the history of the film itself, but with the super extravagant interpretation of this character by the authors. Jim carreyand above all to the object that is the fulcrum of the film, i.e. mask which, thanks to all the surreal powers it gives to the owner, contributes to the creation of a character that has remained in history. This film is a kind of journey into the world of science fiction, in which the main character, who at the beginning of the film was a little respected and underestimated man, at the end manages not only to find the favor of a woman, but he also takes some revenge on those who have always treated him with superiority.

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