The mesh bag is a must-have accessory for summer 2023.

Withlightning bolts, prolonged obsessions, love story eternal. Fashion is marked by passions and feelings, lightning-fast trends and long-term trends. Among the objects of desire for the summer of 2023 mesh bag. Not the usual crochet, but a refined and essential variation, characterized by a wider weave and delicate hues. Extra touch? The presence of a clear and recognizable logo, even better if it Pradawhich signs the most requested bag of the moment.

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

Mini or maxi, to be carried in the hand or on the shoulder, for the beach or the city. A mesh bag is an indispensable accessory in the hot season. famous word.

Boho chic soul

Material, simple but exquisite. Mesh bag Summer 2023 does not need special decorations or details that immediately catch the eye, but stands out with itsCharm carefree chic. The most original and elegant combination follows the one worn by the Spanish influential designer and designer. Blanca Mirowho wore it with a long-sleeved crochet top and fishnet skirt, in perfect Black and white. The balance of colors further emphasizes the combination of textures and fabrics, lifting the mesh bag at the water’s edge, just like in the office.

Mesh bag of stars

A woven fabric bag doesn’t necessarily rhyme with the beach. For a day on the town or a trip out of town, even the most sporty outfit can be revolutionized thanks to a mesh bag. Hailey Bieber, for example, chooses a hand-held miniature adorned with a contrasting floral pattern signed by Yau Weeks Studio. Romantic and delicate, it complements a deeply casual look, including tank tops, parachute pants and sneakers. Synthesis of modern and unconventional femininity.

Hailey Bieber 2000 style mesh bag outfit (Getty Images / ⒸBabak Rachpoot)

The mesh bag does not forget its nautical and festive purpose, a timeless box with everything you need to store it under an umbrella. Sofia Richie Grange took her on his honeymoon, pairing it with a striped shirt dress, gladiator sandals, and pop-colored sunglasses. In one shade of white actress and businesswoman Shay Mitchell she chose it for a boat ride, wearing it with a multicolored knitted dress and white cat eyes. Practical and elegant, the modern It Bag hides a versatile and eclectic soul.

Mesh bag for the beach, as in the image of Sophia Richie Grange.

Protective mesh

For those who want to feel on vacation even in the city, the secret is to create a light and intangible outfit, an enviable union of comfort and sophistication. Inspiration comes from a supermodel Elsa Hosk and her long dress Total White with a ruffled skirt. A silhouette that could have been sober and formal is softened by strappy sandals with a quilted effect and a coordinated, unexpected and original mesh bag.

The woven It Bag is the perfect companion in denim, linen and cotton in all shades and shapes.

Celebrate the last weeks of summer in style.


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