The most anticipated films of summer 2023

As the days get longer, movie buffs are starting to rave about the new films coming out in the summer 2023 season.
According to the US giant “Fandango” which deals with the resale of tickets, the most awaited work is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3leader of the most exciting film line-ups of recent years.
In the following lines we will take a closer look at this masterpiece and all the other titles that will accompany it in the next summer season will be revealed, together with a few little tricks for an optimal vision.

Summer 2023: the most beautiful films
First of all, as already mentioned, is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, or the third chapter of the Marvel saga with Peter Quill and his superhero friends. A film that excites from the first second and that brings together both adults and children. A film to be enjoyed at the cinema in front of a large basket of popcorn and a great desire for adventure.



Then follows Wonkawhere young Willy Wonka is in the throes of adventure from Roald Dahl and The Little Mermaid in the remake of the 1989 Disney classic.

From the cinema of the European territory they will then arrive Jeanne Du Barry, with the great Johnny Depp as King Louis XV and the French director Maïwenn, in the role of the courtesan. Then follows The Old Oak by Ken Loach e The Palacedue out at Easter, a black comedy developed in a Swiss luxury hotel.
Iconic and exciting then, the story of the adventurer archaeologist Indiana Jones with the race to space in 1969, with the clash between the Soviet Union and the USA. Among the actors Antonio Banderas, for whom many cinema lovers can’t wait for the arrivals of June 30, the release date of the film (Indiana Jones and the wheel of fate).
For Barbie lovers, on the other hand, the unmissable and very blond Ryan Gosling is arriving, the Ken of the famous Marvel diva, played in turn by Margot Robbie. Greta Gerwig’s film is called Barbie and is scheduled for release on July 20, 2023.
It is also arriving on the same date Oppenheimer, centered on the American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. Character played by Cillian Murphy and surrounded by a high-level cast, made up of: Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Florence Pugh.
The list goes on with Martin Scorsese’s first Western: Killers of the Flower Moon, with Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. A story set in 1920s Oklahoma, which tells the story of the assassination of many American members of the Osage Nation, an area known to many for its large number of oil settlements.
Pushing towards the end of summer and going towards autumn, you will then have the opportunity to admire Ferrari, story about Enzo Ferrari, the unshakeable spearhead of Maranello. Alongside the great actor, a great lady: Penélope Cruz, in the role of Laura Ferrari. A jump on the greatest circuits in Italy, with the aim of telling the life of a national legend, focusing on the summer of 1957. In this year the Ferrari company went into crisis, until it decided to cover its losses by betting on a car race. A competition many kilometers long, named Mille Miglia.
The wonders on the big screen then end with Dunes – Part 2a story suspended and remained on the planet of Arrakis, between evil forces for the conquest of the “Spezia”.

Well what to say, that summer comes soon!

Tips for optimal viewing of summer films 2023
To avoid huge queues at the cinema and to fully enjoy the comforts of home, it is possible to watch the films indicated above directly from the sofa, in just a few clicks.
Thanks to streaming platforms, which allow you to watch thousands of cinematographic works online at very low (if not zero) costs.
Obviously, since these are web portals, it is necessary to have the appropriate precautions, such as efficient antiviruses and private networks, which allow safe and secure connections. If you’ve never heard of it, go to your favorite search engine and find out what the 9 quality free VPNs are, a significant help even when browsing the internet.
Furthermore, the right lights must never be missing, never projected towards the screen, to avoid pleasant reflections on the images.
Those who love sound effects can also make use of an efficient surround system or home theatre, to best recreate the “cinema dimension”.

Small tips, but which if followed to the letter, can lead to pleasant and unique user experiences.

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