The most anticipated films of Venice 80

Agro Dr1ft
Harmony KorinOut of competition

Travis Scott. Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP

On paper, a crazy shard of the program. Harmony Korin returns to Venice ten years after the cult Spring break – explosive vacation after all, “this is more than a film, it is a contemporary work of art that could be presented in the pavilion at the Art Biennale” (the words of the exhibition director Alberto Barbera). We know little, or rather nothing, about the plot, but the presence of Travis Scott in the cast, along with the Spaniard Jordi Molla, is already a guarantee of a new cult.

Peter CastellittoCompetition

Pietro Castellitto and Benedetta Porcaroli in Aeneas. Photo: Vision Distribution

The second job is always the hardest. After the award for best screenplay in the section “Horizons” with the debut Predators Three years ago, Pietro Castellitto focuses on a bizarre story of friendship, drugs and crime, but underneath it there is a lot of melancholy and the usual family bestiary: “a melancholic father, a brother who fights at school, a mother, a defeated love and a beautiful girl.” This is Benedetta Porcaroli performing with Castellitto Sr. The youngest of the six (!) Italians who participated in the competition.

Michael MannCompetition

Adam Driver in Michael Mann’s Ferrari. Photo: ILBE Entertainment

Summer 1957. After bankruptcy causes the collapse of the company he and his wife Laura (Penelope Cruz) founded just ten years earlier, former race car driver Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) bets everything he has on a car race that the car will pass all of Italy. 1000 miles, which then went down in history as the Mille Miglia. Michael Mann back on camera eight years after failure Black hat and a cast that also includes names such as Patrick Dempsey and Shailene Woodley. One of the real events on the Lido.

Finally dawn
Xavier CostanzoCompetition

Lily James in Saverio Costanzo’s Dawn at Last. Photo: Eduardo Castaldo/Wildside

A Sweet life According to the official synopsis, “revisited” is “a day trip of a girl who, in the ’50s Cinechitta, becomes for her the protagonist of a memorable watch that will transform her from a girl into a woman. The girl (newcomer Rebecca Antonachi) is an aspiring actress who meets a Hollywood diva in Tybra (Lily James), a witness to an era now fading away. Saverio Costanzo repeats the Italian-international experiencebrilliant friend. And yours promises to become one of the most interesting domestic publications in the selection.

I am the captain
Matthew GarroneCompetition

23 years later Roman summerMatteo Garrone returns to Venice, entering the competition for the first time, with a film reminiscent of another of his early works, Guestsabout immigration to Italy from Albania. I am the captain This is the story of Seydou and Moussa, two boys who leave Dakar to reach Europe, overcoming the traps of the desert, the horrors of Libyan detention centers and the perils of the sea. four years from PinocchioGarrone tells us about the journey of these two young migrants in his characteristic very dry and at the same time “picturesque” style. Let the brightest images and stories speak for you. In theaters September 7th.

David FincherCompetition

Michael Fassbender in David Fincher’s The Killer. Photo: Netflix

In 1999, guest of the first exhibition under the direction of Alberto Barbera. Fight club shared the views of the critics present at the Lido. 24 years later, David Fincher lands again at the Palazzo del Quino with “brutal, elegant and gory noir about a professional killer in a morally disoriented world. A lone man, armed to the teeth, slowly sinking into madness.” This is how the author himself described it, who wanted the lead role of Michael Fassbender. Next to him is Tilda Swinton. It produces Netflix.

Bradley CooperCompetition

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper in Maestro. Photo: Netflix

In 2018 his A star is born made Lido history, among Lady Gaga’s pink feathers and applause in honor of the debut of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. In the second work, Bradley Cooper remains in the musical field, but raises the bar, talking about the life and career of the conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein (that is, West Side Story, to clarify), to which Cooper himself gives a face. But above all, the relationship with his wife, played by Carey Mulligan. Another Netflix production and another game that we will definitely see at the Oscars in 2024.

Roman PolanskiOut of competition

Roman Polanski with John Cleese on the set of The Palace. Photo: Elisha Entertainment

Four years after the beautiful Officer and spy, Venice Grand Jury Prize 76, Roman Polanski is back at the Lido with a very black satire of a group of guests at a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps on New Year’s Eve 2000. Hansueli (Oliver Masucci), the manager of the hotel, has to satisfy every request and vice of illustrious clients, but the absurdity and unpredictable degradation of the party are completely unpredictable factors … Strakult is already written on paper: Fanny Ardant, Mickey Rourke, John Cleese, Fortunato Cerlino and Luca Barbareschi, also a producer. In theaters September 28th.

Poor things
Yorgos LanthimosCompetition

Frankenstein Woman (now Darling, sorry, the Greek director, i.e. Emma Stone) runs away from the scientist who revived her, Dr. Godwin Baxter (Mark Ruffalo), because she is curious about the new world in which she was resurrected, and dies to study it. Another far-sighted and “crazy” work by Yorgos Lanthimos, who received high marks on the Lido with his latest film. Most lovelyFive years ago. Poor beings! – this is an Italian title – will appear in our cinemas on October 12th. Perhaps with some prizes in his pocket.

Sofia CoppolaCompetition

13 years after the Golden Lion won with SomewhereSofia Coppola competes again in Mostra with a “version of Priscilla”, the wife of the king of rock, who has always been left out of history. After the cheeky and kitsch creativity of Baz Luhrmann, a film was made using memoirs. Elvis and me, written by Priscilla Presley herself to change the point of view of the US icon. The main character is played by Kaylie Spaeny from the series. Murder in Easttownand Taza is played by Jacob Elordi from Euphoria. The hype is skyrocketing.

The Wonderful Life of Henry Sugar
Wes AndersonOut of competition

Photo: Lars Nicky-Larry Busacca/Getty Images

In the same year asteroid city (which competed at Cannes), another film To Wes Anderson. But this time it’s short, albeit 40 minutes long, in this case also produced by Netflix. Based on a story by Roald Dahl The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, a parable about the man in the title (Benedict Cumberbatch) who learns his own technique of using magic to influence the world around him. The cast, as always, is amazing: there is also Ralph Fiennes, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley and Rupert Friend.

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