The most common faults that lead to higher heating bills and poor heating of your home

The most common faults that lead to higher heating bills and poor heating of your home

When the cold comes and the thermometer collapses, you must know a series of tips to heat your house No Electric bills take away our voice and bankrupt us.By changing our habits and taking a series of preventive measures, we will achieve Save on the final price of our services, You don’t have to give up the sweet warmth of home.


It is not recommended to place furniture too close or place wet clothes on it to dry it faster. If what you are looking for is getting the most out of your heating. Consumption will be higher and bills will be higher.

Additionally, there are other suggestions to consider:

Remove air from radiator

Radiators need to be vented or vented at least once a year as radiators tend to accumulate small air bubbles in the air, which affects the life of the radiator. Prevent heat from passing throughtherefore, they do not use all the necessary power to heat.

Good maintenance will keep your boiler running properly Maintain optimal performance and will prevent major problems in the future. Some companies include free maintenance services in the contract; remember to do this once a year to avoid surprises.

maintain the right temperature

Sometimes we come home and are cold and we turn the heat up too high.. However, experts say it’s enough to heat your home Turn on the boiler to 21 degrees. There is no need to stay home during the winter in tropical climates; it is better to put on a sweater than to receive a high bill.

With a thermostat you can maintain an optimal temperature and save 8 to 13% on consumption, which equates to a reduction of 60 to 100 euros per year.

arrange ignition

If you are only at home a few hours a day Your best bet is to program the ignition one hour before returningwhich will allow you to have the right temperature in your home without spending more money.

Keep the room properly ventilated

If you don’t want to have excessive heat loss, experts They recommend taking advantage of the sunniest times of day to open windows And no more than fifteen minutes. This way, you prevent your home from being the same temperature as outside.

Additionally, to avoid wasting energy, you can turn off radiator taps in rooms that are not in use. If you don’t, you’ll be increasing your spending unnecessarily.

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