The most expensive concerts in history, in the first place is a cult group

Orest Foragey

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August 12, 2023, 10:33 am

What were more expensive gigs stories? This reveals to us a special rating that looks at the cost of tickets to live performances of great rock musicians and not only. Let’s find out together which musical events have gathered the most in the world.

Legendary bands and unforgettable artists

There are many bands that have made history in music. How not to start with The Beatles. The Liverpool Four are still considered the greatest geniuses in the history of rock. Their songs are now immortal and will live forever in the hearts of fans, in the hope that future generations will be able to appreciate them. However, the fan four are not the only legends of the world stage. Today there is a lot of talk about Maneskin, and we Italians can even rejoice at this. But the history of music is made up of legendary bands who can only turn their noses up at the success of new bands light years away from rock’s greatness. However, let’s now focus on what it is. Analysis about the most expensive concerts in history, that is, about live performances, for attending which one had to pay a very high price.

The ranking is based on Top ten that is, ten basic positions.

Let’s take a quick look at what they are before we can focus on the last podium:

  • 10 John Mayer
  • 9 one direction
  • 8 Beyoncé
  • 7 The Rolling Stones for their 50 & Counting Tour
  • 6 Weekend
  • 5 Lady Gaga
  • 4 Justin Bieber

Thus, from tenth to fourth position, we find almost all recent bands and artists, except for the legendary ones. Rolling Stones which, just in time for the 50th year of activity, were sold out at such prices tickets. Then there’s One Direction, a pop group that was all the rage ten years ago and then disappeared completely. The same can be said for Justin Biebeer, another singer who went through a sensational boom a few years ago but now has people talking mostly about the news (not just romantic relationships). Another speech instead Lady Gaga in fifth position.

The artist is now compared to Madonna and is very famous, including thanks to her performances in movies and TV shows.

The most expensive concerts, podium

And here we are, finally, at the top of the top, in the top three most expensive concerts in history. We are talking about the real sacred monsters of music, at least as far as the first two places are concerned. In fact, in third place we have another band that has been somewhat lost in recent years, namely Maroon 5. The band made a splash at the box office with a concert from the Hard Rock tour live in Sacramento. In second place we have instead of His Majesty Elton John. This is the farewell concert of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, the cheapest ticket cost 1,000 euros, and the American tour cost 4,500 euros. Finally, here is the first position occupied by Led Zeppelin for their reunion (apparently without the now deceased drummer Bonham) in 2007.

The original cost of a 20,000-seat ticket was $250, but some paid up to $14,000. An exhibition figure that makes this the most expensive live performance in the history of music.


  • in first place in the list of the most expensive concerts – La Réunion by Led Zeppelin in 2007;
  • in second place is Elton John’s farewell tour;
  • Maroon 5 live completes the podium.

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