“The most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done in my life”

Billie Eilish created What Was I Made For for Barbie, and in a recent interview she explained how she envisioned the possibility, recalling when Greta Gerwig asked her to write a song for the film.

Too billie eilish made valuable contributions to the soundtrack of barbie, His what i was made for with a particularly poignant moment starring the live-action film margot robbie And it was only announced closer to the cinema release. director greta gerwigThe film tells what happens to a doll who, in the midst of an existential crisis, leaves the comforts of Barbie Land to explore the real world and find the little girl who used to play with her in the past. The two are connected by a thin thread, and they find themselves facing even more obvious peril when they return to Barbie Land. in the middle, besides dua lipaBillie Eilish also enriched the film’s soundtrack and told some of the background stories.

Barbie, Billie Eilish reveal how What Was I Made For was born

interviewed by Zane Lowe for Apple MusicBillie Eilish has revealed how her latest song, made especially for Barbie, was born. A year after her latest recording work, the young singer has penned a new song with her brother finness And on Apple Music’s microphone, he reveals what’s behind his hard work:

It is so ridiculous that it has finally been exposed as it has been a mystery for a long time. At one point late last year, Phineas said to me, ‘Would you like to do a song for Barbie?’ And I said, ‘What? why do you ask me that? How do you think about it?’. He replied: ‘I was talking to such and such a person and this thing came up. And then I spoke to Mark and Greta.

Billie Eilish said that one day in December she received a group message directed to her brother and two other people: Mark and Greta. it was great for the singer Wonder, ,We talked on the phone. Greta explained the film to us and it was the sweetest, purest thing in the world.” The singer said she saw some clips from the film in limited previews a few days after Greta Gerwig was born. She arrived at the Warner Bros. studio without knowing what was going to happen, and the director explained the whole idea to her, commented on some of the scenes, and asked her to write a song. ,the next day we were already at work”, he said and then added: “It was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done in my life,

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