The most famous INFLUENCERS of MILAN

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Who are the most famous influencers in Milan? Difficult to draw up a ranking, above all because there is no longer a real distinction between social networks. Anyone who works on YouTube now can’t do without Instagram and instagrammers without TikTok are some of the boomers who need to update. In this mix of social networks, here it is then 10 of the most influential people in the cityborn on a social network and which have slowly depopulated the others as well.

The most famous INFLUENCERS of MILAN

# The Ferragnez: a family with 43 million followers

Credits: @fedez
Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

The family of the moment for a few years now. A love born from a song, the summer hit of 2017 I would but I don’t post by Fedez and J-Ax, which in a short time became the soundtrack for Gossip programs. Chiara Ferragni with her 29 million followers on Instagram, 6.2 million on Tik Tok, a blog born in 2009 and a well-established company, is the best known influencer in Milan. To make it so are also her international fans of her, who have followed her even since before she became so famous in Italy. But Fedez is no less, with its 14.6 million of followers on Instagram and 6.1 on TikTok there is no Italian who does not know who he is. And if by chance you don’t post for a day, the whole world notices it, the post-Sanremo silence that sparked a boom of articles about him.

# Valentina Ferragni, in the footsteps of her older sister

Credits: @valentinaferragni
Valentina Ferragni

Remaining in the family, Valentina Ferragni, Chiara’s younger sister, is also accumulating more and more followers. I’m on Instagram 4.5 million people follow it and even if it does not yet reach one million followers on the TikTok profile, there are a good 617.6 thousand.

# Favij, the king of videogames

Credits: @favij

Let’s change social networks for a moment and move on to YouTube. Even if he is no longer the most famous youtuber in Italy, he has remained so for a long time, Favij is one of the best known people in town. Born in Turin, but moved to the Lombard capital, Lorenzo Ostuni boasts 3.2 million followers on Instagram and 6.44 million subscribers on the YouTube channel FavijTv. Previously famous above all for his video game videos, now he also alternates content with vlogs and videos for everyone. He too now has TikTok and here he has 1.2 million subscribers.

# Me Against You, the Sicilian duo who moved to Milan

Credits: @mecontrote
Me against You

There is no child who does not know this Sicilian duo who have moved to the Lombard capital. They are Me Against You, a couple formed by Luigi Calagna known as Luì, and Sofia Scalia, known as Sofì, born as a working duo in 2014 with their first video on YouTube. Now this couple, in name and in fact, can be seen everywhere, even in the cinema. Their audience is small enough in age thanks to their way of speaking, recited and grotesque, and the contents they bring (jokes, social experiments for children, etc.). In the meantime, however, they matter today a YouTube channel with 6.51 million subscribers2.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

# Vallini’s Family, the family with 4 million followers

Credits: @vallibeatrice
Beatrice Valle and Marco Fantini

Let’s go back to Instagram and here we cannot fail to mention another influential family in the city. Released years ago from the famous De Filippi program, Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini together almost count 4 million followers (3.2 lei and 1.5 he). They deal with fashion and sponsorships, but they also show their daily life on social networks. On TikTok instead Beatrice Valli has 164 thousand followers and Marco Fantini 194.9 thousand.

# Chiara Biasi

Credits: @chiarabiasi
Clare Biasi

Born in Pordenone but moved to Milan, Chiara Biasi is followed by 4.1 million followers on Instagram. She was born as a fashion influencer, she also entered the circle of Chiara Ferragni.

# Khaby Lame, the global superstar Tiktoker

Credits: @khaby00
Khaby Lame

The most famous TikToker in Italy and among the best known in the world, surpassing Ferragni in terms of followers, moved to Milan from Chivasso (Turin) in 2021. We are talking about Khaby Lame who has 155.7 million followers on TikTok and 78.9 million on Instagram. Born in 2000, he achieved success during the lockdowns when, after being fired as a CNC machine operator, he invented mini silent videos in which he revealed the secrets of some viral videos in an amusing way, concluding at his classic move with open palms upward. In April 2021 he surpassed Gianluca Vacchi as the most followed Italian TikToker and, in July 2021, he surpassed Addison Rae to become the second most followed TikToker in the world. Was put on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival for short films, she is the testimonial of fashion brands. His estimated net worth is valued at over two million dollars.

# TheShow and urban jokes

Credits: @theshowisyou
The Show

Milan is the city of opportunities and many have understood this, in fact there are many influencers and youtubers who have decided to live in the city once they understand the potential of their work. To name a few are Stepny and Surry. But Milan also produces talent and that was the case with TheShow, the duo formed by Alessio Stigliano and Alessandro Tenace, born in 1991, who have created their own company TheShow srl (also involving other creators). Born as the kings of jokes, they continue to make their audience laugh by 3.9 million subscribers on the YouTube channelof 696 thousand on Instagram and 250.6 thousand on TikTok.

# Sofia Crisafulli, supersocial single mother

Credits: @sofiacrisafulli
Sofia Crisafulli

Born in 2003, among the most famous tikotkers in Milan there is Sofia Crisafulli, a single mother who recounts her experience as a very young mother as well as publishing the classic TikTok ballets. Today on the famous social network it has 2.2 million followersbut also on Instagram it exceeds one million (precisely 1.3) and has a YouTube channel with 150,000 subscribers.

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