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Cinema has always fascinated admirers and non-fans and they have also understood it over the years local authorities which for some time now have activated an effective marketing activity both internationally and in Italy. When this happens we talk about film tourismor that kind of travel that sees people go on the hunt for film and television locationsi.e. places used for the filming of a film or a television series.

The film tourism boom

Thanks to film tourism there is a real geomapping of the locations that we could define from Hollywood, film tourism routes, specialized guides and multimedia applications. It is no coincidence that economic revenues in our country, both for foreign productive investments and for tourist proceeds, are constantly increasing.

Starting from this premise, the di PhotoAiD, an app that helps users take passport photos for documents, decided to investigate the preferences and habits related to film tourism. The results are quite surprising: 96% of the interviewees said they have already visited places associated with films or TV series, while 78% are inclined to do so in the near future.

The most popular titles and places

According to the survey, among the most popular places for film tourism there are those related to the most famous wizard in the world: Harry Potter. But that’s not all, among the titles of the films that most encourage you to visit film sets they stand out The Lord of the Rings And Jurassic Parkeven if the most interesting fact is the constant growth of TV series.

This is the case with a classic like Friends which was set in New York, or the recent and beautiful Big little lies which catapults the traveler to Monterey, California. Then follows the Game of Thrones which leads to the discovery of enchanting places in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Croatia. Then again Squid Gamein South Korea and Sherlock still in the UK.

What emerges, therefore, is that despite the terrible post-Covid decline in cinemas, the viewing of films and TV series via streaming platforms is growing exponentially and with an average of 437 hours of content viewed per person.

And it is thanks to this that the film tourism allows for a powerful immersive experience that works even better in the case of films or series that develop in long narrative arcs. Just think of the sagas derived from the books by Rowling, Tolkien and Martin which have prompted travelers to invest their savings for holidays mainly for accommodation (60%), transport (53%) and tourist visits (50%) in places of he resumed.

The reasons that drive travellers

Again according to what emerges from this survey, the reasons that attract travelers towards these destinations are to be found in the emotional immersion and in the possibility of experiencing the cities and landscapes that have become familiar through the screen, but also that of visiting the restaurants, discovering a significant place with history (Hawaii of Jurassic Park And Lost) or visit a place where your favorite celebrity has been in the past.

Using practical examples, Jurassic World it injected $31 million into Hawaii’s economy, plus $6.9 million in wages for more than 1,200 local workers. And to understand the power of this type of tourism was also Airbnb which continues to launch theme-based stays Scooby-Doo, Moulin Rouge And Queer Eyewhile the power of audiovisual storytelling Netflix has begun to collaborate with theUnited Nations World Tourism Organization (Unwto).

Film tourism in Italy

And in our country? In Italy, the Film Commissions work in synergy with local authorities. The locations targeted by travelers are numerous: they range from the Naples of theBrilliant friendof the Bastards of Pizzofalcone and now also of the catchphrase sea ​​out, to the historic destination of Spoleto made famous by Don Matteo.

The feedback, therefore, is absolutely positive, but the fact remains that there is still ample room for improvement.

The California of cinema

They are well aware of the power of film tourism even overseas and, above all, in Italy California. Precisely for this reason, especially in view of the recent Oscars, an entire tour dedicated to the places that inspired some of the best films ever was created.

If you want to discover the iconic places of the most famous films, you can only start your journey from Los Angeles, the beating heart of cinema from all over the world. The first thing to do is a leap to Universal Studios to walk through the film sets and find yourself experiencing real movie scenes complete with special effects.

It is also worth paying a visit to the Griffith Observatory from where you can photograph the symbolic HOLLYWOOD writing: after all, it was the curtain of some of the most famous films in history. Among these worthy of mention is undoubtedly Wasted Youth from 1955 starring a young James Dean.

Most recently, and precisely in 2016, it was La La Land with its notable Oscar nominations to give even more visibility to the observatory. Just think of the iconic dance scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone which took place right at the observatory from where you can admire a fascinating and low-traffic Los Angeles at night.

A short distance away it is worth popping by Angels Flighta 118-year-old railroad originally created to traverse one of the steepest hills in Los Angeles.

Another obligatory stop on a movie road in California is Palm Springsand more specifically the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass wind farm where Ethan Hunt dodged moving turbines while hanging from a helicopter in Mission Impossible III. Or the Palm Spring Convention Center, where Bradley Cooper performed at A Star is Born.

No less interesting are the film locations for Western fans. One of these is the barren territory of Lone Pinebetween Sequoia National Park and Death Valley, where you can admire what was the shared backdrop of the most famous western films.

Another of the stops to make is the Lone Ranger Canyonlocated between the Alabama and Lone Pine hills, which is a known site of the ambush involving Tonto and Ranger Reid in The Lone Ranger and which was also used to represent the Spanish campaign in which Russell Crowe galloped in Gladiator.

Finally the charming Mammoth Lakes, ski resort renowned throughout the United States for its annual snowfall generally exceeding 30 feet, but also because the snow-capped peak of Mammoth Mountain has been used to represent the Himalayas in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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