The movie scene that ‘really upset’ Salma Hayek

The movie scene that 'really upset' Salma Hayek

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When we talk about some of the world’s biggest female actresses in the industry, Mexican-American icon Salma Hayek is definitely among the best. Having collaborated with the likes of Robert Rodriguez, Oliver Stone, Steven Soderbergh, Chloe Zhao and Kevin Smith throughout her career, there are fewer people in Hollywood as influential as Hayek.

Its popularity grew in the late 1990s thanks to director Robert Rodriguez, who cast the Mexican actor in two Hollywood films. desperate And From dusk to dawnHayek quickly made a name for herself in the independent film industry. After another collaboration with Rodriguez in 1998 FacultyHayek appeared alongside Will Smith in the 1999 action film. Wild Wild West, ending the decade as a bona fide star.



This was firmly and truly established in 2003, when Hayek nominated herself for an Academy Award thanks to her impressive performance in Frida. Over the years, Hayek has gone from one of her most famous roles to one of her most memorable, landing a job opposite Colin Farrell in the 2006 romance. Ask the dustthe story of a Mexican woman whose affair with a wealthy American is confused by the burly Italian man.

It was inevitable that a romantic film would feature a kissing scene between the two leads, but Hayek wasn’t too keen on getting intimate while filming the moment, as the couple had to perform in extremely cold conditions.

“It was cold,” Hayek said Free radio in a 2006 interview. She continued by noting that it was “Icy, unbearable, cold. And I got a little hypothermia. They were very careful. We had to drink special drinks that warmed the body. I mean, we had to physically prepare ourselves to film that scene because it was so cold… I act comfortable, but I’m not. And actually, I was very nervous because it wasn’t the only scene I wanted to do, you know, and it was cold.”

The film’s cast attempted to quell Hayek’s fears, with the actor explaining, “So at one point Colin came in and started making jokes and (I said), ‘I’m not in the mood right now!’ I’m very upset about this! ” I bark.

The Irish actor eventually managed to calm Hayek down and make her feel comfortable in the scene by removing her clothes himself. “He comes out of the trailer naked,” Hayek recalls, “and jumps and dances ballet. And I started laughing… It was the funniest thing. Everyone started laughing. And he did this to relax me because I was very tense.”

Take a look at the scene from the film in question below.

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