The Multi-Purpose Face Cream I’ve Fallen in Love With: Has Centella Asiatica, Pepsi Works

Raquel Rodriguez

We love those on-the-go multi-purpose cosmetics that are an essential part of any occasion.
beauty routine Because of its versatility. I introduced you to this lip balm a few days ago and I absolutely love it for all its uses. Well, today I want to show you another similar product that I fell in love with.

Some time ago, I had a chance to try some cosmetics
Ana SantamarinaAn expert and guru in dermo-cosmetics and formulations, my favorite is the most effective Centella Asiatica cream. This is a regenerative treatment and you must make an appointment.

The beauty expert (@santamarina) is taking the web by storm with science-based advice, making her dream of launching her own label by the end of 2021 come true.The result is a dedicated
best active ingredients Regardless of its origin, whether natural or synthetic, and choose the most effective in each case.

the brand is called
santa marina cosmetics Here you’ll find complex products that work together to create complete routines that don’t require 10 steps and are easy to maintain over the long term. Plus, all of its formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and all products are made in Spain.

Given these characteristics and a digital marketplace that goes viral on the web, the result has been a resounding success and some of its products have gone viral, such as microencapsulated retinol.However, my favorite is
Cycada regenerative treatment for superficial scars and superficial wounds.

Centella Asiatica Cream from Santamarina Cosmetics.

But what’s so special about this cream? Containing a high concentration of active ingredients, this product forms a film on the skin that prevents scabs and speeds up the healing process.That’s why it’s a great treatment for scars and wounds, and
Soothes and Repairs Skin for the whole family.

It has a super complete formula whose main ingredient is extract
asian sparkWith antioxidant properties, it accelerates the skin regeneration process and reduces inflammation. It’s also formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil and Shea Butter.

It’s an ideal basic product to have in your medicine cabinet because, as many users have explained, and I’ve been able to verify for myself, it also
can be used for many other things. Try it for irritation relief, thigh rub, as a night mask, against redness and dryness, dermatitis outbreaks, rosacea, pimples, sensitive or infection-prone wounds, irritated skin, healing herpes, and even acne scars.

Real users have explained countless actions that have made them fans of this cream. “I put on a thick layer after my evening routine.
My skin was beautiful the next daysaid one client. “Anna,
i can only thank you Millions of times and keep buying your products. “From the Cica Balm, I can tell you it’s magical,” added another.

And I can only confirm it. I have sensitive skin and it’s the only cream that relieves post-waxing redness and irritation on the face for a short period of time. I also use it exclusively for acne and yes it heals much faster.cost
19.90 euros Yes, dear reader, it is well worth it.

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