The Nafif toll-free number to support the salaries of citizens in the Emirates

The Nafs toll-free number is aimed at many categories of graduates working in both the public and private sectors. Under this program, many projects have been presented for the benefit of the Emirati citizen and the body responsible for this program supports all private expenses during his training period.

Nafs toll-free number

Nafs toll-free number

  • The Nafes toll-free number is the number through which you can communicate with the employees of the Nafes initiative via the number 800 623 47.

  • And you can also follow them Mail their email.

  • Furthermore, the body responsible for this initiative has activated the number without imposing any financial cost to the contact, since it is completely free.

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Nafs number for the activation of the Nafs card

If you wish to activate the card intended for the Nafees initiative, you must call the number 600 52 5500, through which you can find out all the details to activate the card, since this program places competitors among managers working in the public and private sectors.

Who can activate the Nafes card?

Nafs toll-free number

Not everyone can activate the free Nafs number, as the UAE government has set some conditions for you to activate the card, the most important of which are:

  • The applicant must be at least eighteen years old and no more than sixty years old.

  • The applicant must have been nominated before September 2021, to obtain the free Nafs number.

  • The person eligible for this support must not have previously benefited from Mazaya support provided by private companies in the UAE.

  • The program also supports those eligible for private sector support for up to five years.

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How long does free Nafiz support last?

When this opportunity was granted to those entitled to the Nafes Support Initiative, the Authority set a specific period for this, which is five years from the issuance of the support decision.

How can I apply for the Nafs program?

If you want to request a free Nafees number you must:

  • download Application Designated for UAE PASS, via Google Play Store.

  • Open this application and run it, then complete the data in the designated fields.

  • Thus, you will get a free Nafiz number.

How can I delete Nafiz?

If you wish to delete Application To delete the account from the Nafs program proceed as follows:

  • Go to Settings & Privacy and click on it.

  • Next, click on the menu on the right and click on the website.

  • Then deactivate your account, then completely delete the application from your phone.

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