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Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung’s fifth generation of foldable smartphones.

Samsung introduced a new line of devices Galaxy with the event in Seoul live around the world.

The latest arrivals from the Korean brand, which is currently the world leader in foldable devices (Apple doesn’t make them, and all competitors like Honor, Oppo and Motorola all speak Chinese) are Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5: We’ll tell you what’s special about them and why, if you’re still a fan of “traditional” smartphones, you’ll want to upgrade to a foldable version.

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Samsung launches the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5, fifth-generation foldable smartphones.

On the occasion of the launch of their latest products, folding smartphones Galaxy Z Fold5 AND Galaxy Z Flip5, smart watch Watch6 AND Watch6 Classic Hello tablets of the S9 lineThe Korean giant decided to play (for the first time) at home by holding a live presentation in the capital city of Seoul.

After New York and San Francisco this year summer without packaging passed in eastern metropolis – and precisely at Coex Mall, Asia’s largest underground shopping mall in the Gangnam area (yes, the one from the music hit signed by Psy), which also houses a convention center and exhibition center – in front of an audience of media and influencers from all over the world and international stars such as Sidney Bernice Sweeney of Euphoria.

There was also a greeting from one of thenational idols, here is almost the “god” of Korean K-pop, Suga from Bts, who launched a video message to the audience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 “spins” the external screen

Continuing the topic of news, the latest concerns the Galaxy Flip 5: The Samsung clamshell device has a much larger external screen (3.4 inches) compared to the previous ones.

What can you do without opening your phone?

A feature that has many interesting benefits, most notably the ability to, for example, reply to whatsapp messages without opening the device but directly using the QWERTY keyboard on the Flex Window screen or for comfortable video viewing.

The same applies if you want to make a payment with Samsung Wallet (simply swipe up on the screen) or view the weather forecast, control music playback and everything about other customized widgets: the smartphone can remain closed (or better folded).

Pinch the screen to also activate the multi-widget view, which offers the possibility take a look at all widgets and instantly switch between them.

But is it stable?

A step forward has also been made with regard to the “fold”, an important feature of folding things: the new double-row hinge of the Flip pocket allows better adhesion of two screens, which means greater compactness and less risk of ingress of dirt and dust. The same applies to “big brother” Fold.

All this also provides better resistance to external influences.

Instead, it’s about cameras.

If there are two rear cameras, 12 megapixels each, and a front camera 10 megapixels each, an important innovation concerns the new stabilizer with Night view feature that optimizes photos and videos even in low light conditions..

Have you ever thought that you can take hands-free photos and selfies? With the new Galaxy Z Flip5, this is finally possible thanks to the ability to stay open at different angles (it is only important to place it on a stable surface).

And if your phone falls into the water, it doesn’t matter. The device is waterproofif it is fresh water and the dive lasts no more than 30 minutes (so be careful taking it to the beach).

Colors, prices and availability

Four color options The new Galaxy Z Flip 5 – Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavander – will be available from August 11 (pre-order from July 26) at a price of 1,249 euros for the 256 GB version and 1,369 euros for the 256 GB version. the one is 512gb.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is becoming more of a “portable tablet”

If the Flip proves to be especially handy and functional for those who are looking for a pocket product and do not need to work with a smartphone, then the Fold again proves ideal for a more business-oriented purpose.

In the sense that Galaxy Z Fold5 it almost feels like you’re holding a tablet: while the 6.2-inch external screen lets you use all the features and apps, the 7.6-inch internal screen lets you write and work on documents, watch high-definition videos, but above all, open up to three applications at the same time (complete with drag and drop content between them).

The interface of the software has also been improved with a new feature consisting of a toolbar with all the most frequently used applications.

How now you don’t need to carry a computer.

In addition, there is also a new S Pen Fold Edition, more compact and thinner than before, which thanks to the thin S Pen case can be integrated into a smartphone without increasing the thickness.

Even if we have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 on August 11 (it is already available for pre-order in three colors: ice blue, phantom black and cream), the price in this case is higher than the Flip: 1999 euros for a model with 256 GB of memory , €2119 for the 512GB model and €2339 for the 1TB model.

To unite newcomers to Samsung there is attention to the environment: Some components of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5 are made from recycled materials, including glass and aluminum (new from before), as well as plastic from discarded fishing nets, water tanks, and PET bottles.

Even the paper used for packaging is 100% recycled.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic

News also about Samsung’s smartwatch lineup: the new Galaxy Watch6 series offers personalized advice on managing your healthin particular, to improve the quality of sleep (for example, recommendations on individual rest, habits and ways of organizing a favorable environment).

Another feature concerns fitness features to keep the user motivated: An app called “Body Composition” collects key measurements such as basal metabolic rate, skeletal muscle percentage, water content and body fat to give us an instant overview of our health status.

A an individual approach that allows you to define goalstrack progress and provide personalized recommendations.

Galaxy Watch6 44mm available in Graphite and Silver; the 40 mm version is also available in graphite and gold. Watch6 Classic is available in black and silver.

Prices start at €419 for the Galaxy Watch6 Classic and €319 for the Galaxy Watch6.

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