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Sabrina BahsunI am a name you won’t be able to find or pronounce after these few weeks, a young 22 year old Londoner making a splash on social media. More precisely on TikTok, which you can call me on. “London Tube Girl” (“Girl on the London Underground”in French), the surname suits him here, puisque son truc à elle, c’est tout simplement de dancer in the subway. It’s the same thing you’re familiar with. There is no question of the dancer entertaining the gallery or giving a demonstration of her talent among public transport users, Sabrina dances exclusively for her… and that 400,000 people here are suivents. With courage and self-confidence, here we go, the brunette beauty who lived in her ears films herself in wide-angle selfie mode, revealing her energetic, sexy and completely complex face, and never hesitates to see herself serving the wind, here you’re stuck on a bandwagon to make money. And what is important is that now is the height of pointe shoeing and that the brass here is filled with people, wise and young.

@sabrinabahsoon Gotta match the mood when I arrive #londontiktok #nickiminaj ♬ where are these girls – pay✩

Rien à fiche du respectful attitude towards others

There is no doubt about this confidence, as well as about other people who intrigue Internet users, allowing Sabrina’s videos to gain millions of likes. How can one be a filmmaker and a dancer in the marine environment of the metro without even feeling the soup de gena? “Mon anxiété sociale ne pourrait jamais”Perhaps what they read, for example, in the comments to these videos, also surprises people.
Comment on Sabrina on elle, how do you like the idea of ​​filming on a train with a dancer in the subway? Assez naturalllement, as stated in the columns BBC News. Are you familiar with the idea of ​​making this TikTok and want to ask the metro traveler from the assistant to the renter: “Karreman said no. Alors je me suis dit ‘tu sais quoi? Je vais faire ça seule. Here are some videos. » And yet this is not the first 11-second clip about the brunette from Malaysia, but also the title one. Where are these girls IN de Nicki Minaj and David Guetta.

“People can’t find the courage to do this on public transport.”to scout out a young woman who was delighted with this new fame, full of inattention and impromptu. “I want people to benefit from life, and I don’t think that I have a right, son, to have an opinion among others, but I don’t think that others have the opinion in that sense. » at-elle explained PopSugar.

@sabrinabahsoon For girls who understand ✨understood ✨ #tubegirl ♬ original sound – roux

De Tube Girl à It-girl…

Plus, Sabrina, “the girl who dances on the subway,” is now considered an influencer, so brands and celebrities are heading out the door to ride the buzz. During these weeks, Spotify asks you to create your own playlist with your indescribable hits to shake in the “tube” like a singer Bella Poarch please call her to promote the Prochain single. In September 2023, at London Fashion Week, Sabrina walked the premiere catwalk thanks to the Mac Cosmetics brand. Rumor has it that the same was unveiled at Paris Fashion Week.

This is the hashtag #pipe, still a ton of millions of views on TikTok, there is no shortage of ideas for more people, this is where the trend becomes an issue. All over the world, people now want to take selfie videos on the subway with more and more confidence. Some things in Paris are just as risque… At the same time, if we say that it will most likely be a bizarre sight on the Parisian metro, then again!

@sabrinabahsoon Tubed @Bella Poarch for the first time!! Of course we had some boogie woogie #crush #tubegirl #tubegirleffect ♬ Crush – Bella Poarch and Lauv

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