The new Omicron sub-variant is already available on the island

Son Espases microbiology lab detected it

this A new subtype of Omicron, EG.5, already in balearic islands. This was confirmed by Dr. Antonio Oliver, head of the Microbiology Laboratory at Son Espases. Specifically, of the 80 COVID-19 positive cases they sequenced (corresponding to the last week of July and the first two weeks of August), 15 were from EG.5; the rest were from many other subvariants of Omicron , so it can be said that this new one is already “the most common”. Oliver said this week is expected to dominate.

World Health Organization (WHO) Keep an eye out for this new subvariant of Omicron, also known as “Eris”. One of its main characteristics is that it is more contagious, but fortunately, it is not more serious. In fact, The number of infections soared Been in the Islands for the past three weeks.

oliver explained EG.5 is more contagious People who have already been infected with COVID-19 have a greater chance of being reinfected with the virus because “it has more immune evasion capabilities”; it also “evades antibodies from vaccines more”. At this point, he notes that this usually happens with each new subvariant that emerges, “and they spread more easily because they evade more immune receptors.”

Mild cases

Although the World Health Organization has given end of epidemicThe head of the Son Espases microbiology laboratory noted that the number of infections had increased significantly in the past three weeks. However, he stressed that these cases were mild cases, The vast majority of them do not require hospitalizationexcept those with other medical conditions or advanced age.

Asked if something had to be done to deal with the situation, Oliver replied that “common sense” had to be used.Therefore, infected persons should minimize contact Vulnerable groups must carry Face mask when they go to crowded places. It was “a common cold respiratory virus,” he concluded.

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